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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 9 Recap: Medical Accident - Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 9 Recap: Medical Accident – Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 9: A drunken man is protesting outside the hospital, claiming that his daughter is in a coma due to a surgeon’s mistake. Is it really a medical accident?

Shin Jae-ha and Lee Je-hoon

Ha-joon brings Do-gi a cup of coffee at his home and tells him that he needs some advice. He shares the story of how his younger brother was beaten up by someone he didn’t even know. Then, Ha-joon asks Do-gi a strange question: “Can the person who hurt my brother and I become friends?”

Do-gi looks puzzled and replies that it’s not possible. Ha-joon excuses himself to use the restroom, but while he’s gone, Do-gi notices that some of his documents are missing from the table. He confronts Ha-joon about it when he returns, but Ha-joon makes up excuses and says he has an appointment before hurrying away. Do-gi watches him go with suspicion in his eyes.

Good Doctor & a Boorish Man

The next day, Do-gi drives a passenger to the hospital. As he pulls up to the entrance, he sees a disheveled and drunken man causing a scene. The man is holding a protest sign with an allegation against Director An Young-suk. Apparently, something went wrong during an operation and now the man’s daughter is in a coma. Do-gi can’t help but feel sorry for the man as he watches him shout and wave his sign in anger.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9 Kdrama screenshots

When Director An Young-suk arrives at the hospital, the drunken man picks up a megaphone and starts cursing at her. Unfazed, she calmly takes out some cash and offers to buy him something to eat. She then suggests that he go wash up at the sauna before speaking to her again. In a soft voice, she tells him that he’s free to protest as much as he wants, but asks that he not use the megaphone to disturb others.

After a while, one of Director Ahn Young-suk’s subordinates can’t take it anymore and goes over to scold the drunken man. He tells him that the court has already ruled that the operation was an accident. But the drunken man argues back, saying that the court only decided that way because the evidence had been forged. Frustrated, he lets out a loud cry of anger. Do-gi watches the whole scene unfold but keeps his emotions in check.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 9 Kdrama recap

Medical Accident

That night, the drunken man happens to see a sticker for Rainbow Taxi and decides to call them for advice. He tells them his whole story: A year ago, he took his daughter to have surgery with a famous doctor, Director Ann Young-suk. Everything seemed normal before the operation, which was supposed to last three hours. The drunken man anxiously waited for news about his daughter’s condition. But when the surgery was over, he found out that his daughter never woke up again.

The case goes to court and the drunken man testifies that he smelled alcohol on Director An Young-suk’s breath during the surgery. However, there is no scientific evidence to support his claim. The director’s lawyers argue that the surgery went well and that the patient’s coma was caused by a rare side effect of anesthesia that can happen to one in ten thousand people. They refer to what happened as a ‘medical accident.’

After hearing the drunken man’s story, the Rainbow Taxi team decides to investigate further. They start by looking into Director Ahn Young-suk’s personal behavior. But the more they dig, the more they discover that she is a charitable doctor who has helped many people through her work on various projects.

Pyo Ye-jin and Lee Je-hoon in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 9 Kdrama

The Surgery Malpractice

Based on the preliminary information they have gathered, the members of the Rainbow Taxi team unanimously vote against taking on the case. However, they still have their doubts. Go-eun decides to take matters into her own hands and disguises herself as a cleaning worker to sneak into the hospital’s security room. She hacks into the CCTV and hospital servers, but in the end, she can’t find any incriminating evidence.

Do-gi is suspicious. He disguises himself and sneaks into the hospital’s medical record room. There, he finds the medical record of a drunk man’s daughter. It has been placed in a spot where water is leaking and the document is completely destroyed. Do-gi immediately realizes that there is a hidden truth to be uncovered. He decides to go to the source of the incident – the operating room.

Lee Je-hoon in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 9 Kdrama

Disguised as a doctor, Do-gi sneaks into the operating room. Suddenly, an alarm goes off. Go-eun quickly informs Do-gi that there is a video recording detection device in the room. Without a word, Director An Young-suk and his subordinates rush to the operating room. Do-gi uses his cat-like reflexes to hide inside a locker. Why would the hospital install such an expensive camera trapping device in the operating room?

Do-gi is determined to go into the operating room to find proof. So, he stages a car crash and injures himself to the point of needing surgery. He wears smart glasses that conceal a small camera. When Do-gi is unconscious during surgery, Go-eun will activate the camera to record everything without being detected.

Lee Je-hoon and Pyo Ye-jin

Everything goes according to plan. A few minutes later, Do-gi loses consciousness due to the effects of the anesthesia. Go-eun activates the camera in the smart glasses. As she watches the footage, she witnesses a shocking sight. The person performing surgery on Do-gi isn’t Director An Young-suk, but rather someone she knows as “Doctor Kong”!

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