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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 10 Recap: Surgery Factory - Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 10 Recap: Surgery Factory – Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 10 recap: Do-gi, disguised as a patient, enters the OR. A doctor arrives to operate while Director An Young-suk drinks happily.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 10 Recap: Surgery Factory - Kdrama

Do-gi finally discovers the truth about Dr. Gong. It turns out that he’s not a real medical doctor at all. Instead, he’s a salesman for a pharmaceutical company called MEDITOPIA.

Director An Young-suk had been using a salesman to perform surgeries because it was cheaper than hiring a real doctor. In return, she would place orders for medical supplies from the company.

Go-eun uncovers even more shocking evidence. She discovers that Director An Young-suk had changed her name four years ago from An Ji-eun.

Upon further investigation, Go-eun finds out that An Ji-eun used to run a private clinic but had her license suspended for hiring a salesman to perform surgeries. However, after just six months, the suspension was lifted and she was able to practice medicine again. She then erased her old records and opened a new hospital, continuing to use salesmen to perform surgeries as before.

Taxi Driver 2 Ep 10 spoiler

Surgery Factory

After learning the truth, Do-gi confronts Salesman Kong to get the full story. The truth about what happened to the drunk man’s daughter is finally revealed.

On that fateful day, Salesman Kong received an order from Director An Young-suk to perform a surgery in her place as she was struggling with alcohol addiction and her hands were shaking too much to operate. Not being a real doctor, Salesman Kong made a mistake during the operation on the drunk man’s daughter, leaving her in a coma.

“I had no choice,” Salesman Kong explains. “If I had exposed the truth, I would have been fired. Everything would have stayed the same.”

Do-gi listens to Salesman Kong’s excuses and becomes enraged. He shouts back that what Salesman Kong did makes him an accomplice, no different from Director An Young-suk.

The next day, Do-gi continues his investigation and discovers that Director An Young-suk has been running a project to provide free surgeries to the elderly. She takes advantage of legal loopholes to get the state to reimburse the cost of the surgeries. This is why she has so many surgical cases. Do-gi refers to her hospital as a “surgery factory.”

Meanwhile, an elderly patient is in danger of being left to die. The Rainbow Taxi team can’t wait any longer and must act quickly to put an end to the situation. They start by forging Director An Young-suk’s signature on a document donating her yearly income to the Blue Bird Foundation for the Elderly. They then stage a scene in the hospital and alert government officials to inspect for violations such as reusing syringes, taking psychiatric drugs for personal use, giving expired drugs to patients, and more. In the end, Salesman Kong turns himself in to the police and confesses everything that has happened.

Lee Je-hoon


However, Director An Young-suk shows no remorse for her actions. She returns to the hospital with expensive liquor and declares, “I’ll just pay the fine, change my name, and open a new hospital. Soon enough, people will forget. Stupid bastards.”

Do-gi is waiting in the operating room. He shouts a question at Director An Young-suk, “What will you choose to do next? Repent or change your name and continue doing the same thing?”

He doesn’t wait for her answer. His hand holding the anesthetic needle moves towards the evil director’s neck before lifting her onto the operating table. What Do-gi chooses to do next is use a hammer to hit her hand!!!

In the end, a miracle happens. The drunk man’s daughter wakes up from her coma. Her father is overcome with joy and can’t stop crying.

Shin Jae-ha, Lee Je-hoon and Pyo Ye-jin

Ha-joon calls the chief police officer and orders him to carry out their plan. Meanwhile, the Rainbow Taxi team is driving back to their base after successfully completing their revenge operation. Suddenly, an unexpected incident occurs. Do-gi’s taxi swerves off course and there’s an explosion followed by a fire. Go-eun and the two crazy brothers in the backseat are shocked by what they see!

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