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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 7 Recap: Declaration of War

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 7 Recap: Declaration of War

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 7 recap: Jin Yeong-ju ups the ante in her war against Sung-han. Seo-jin panics after hearing shocking news about her client.

Sung-han is currently visiting lawyer Park Yoo-seok at the Keum Hwa Law Firm. He has come to declare war on Jin Young-joo. As Park Yoo-seok listens to the details of the incident. He quickly recognizes that Jin Young-joo has intentions to ruin Shin Sung-han. However, it is uncertain who will end up being destroyed in the end.

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Meanwhile, Seo-jin receives shocking news that a female client who came to consult with her attempted suicide. She immediately rushes to the hospital, accompanied by Choi-joon. When she arrives, she sees the client’s husband looking guilty, but Seo-jin knows right away that he’s just acting. The client is now out of danger.

Seo-jin requests Choi-joon to tail her client’s husband. What he witnesses is exactly what Seo-jin suspects. Despite his wife’s close brush with death due to a suicide attempt, the husband is sitting in the hospital lobby, watching funny videos on his phone and laughing gleefully.

Restore Dignity

While Jin Young-joo plays her game, using social media to attack Sung-han’s client. She also uses various news media to create a trend with the headline “Young Vietnamese Wife: Victim of Violence and Torture.”

Cho Seung-woo

That night, Sung-han calls his client. On the other end of the line, the 50-year-old farmer speaks to Sung-han through tears. He tells Sung-han that he went to Vietnam at his mother’s insistence. While there, he meets his wife. He knows right away that he wants to bring her back to Korea and give her a better life. But he never imagined that he would one day be accused on social media of buying a Vietnamese woman the same age as his child for abuse.

Furthermore, Sung-han responds firmly over the phone, “I will restore your dignity.”

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