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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 8 Recap: Turn the Situation Around

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 8 Recap: Turn the Situation Around

Previously on Divorce Attorney Shin: A Vietnamese woman accused her husband of physical abuse. However, her 50-year-old farmer husband denied ever laying a hand on her. This case sparked a fierce battle between Sung-han and Jin Young-joo. Jin Young-joo made the first move, using the media and social media to attack Sung-han’s client. Will Sung-han be able to turn the tables?

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 8 recap: Sung-han uses an opportunity to bolster one of his cases — but inconsistencies arise.

Sung-han and his assistant brainstorm ideas to regain the sympathy of the social media audience for his client. But it proves to be more difficult than expected. The comments are overwhelmingly negative and directed towards Sung-han himself. Accusing him of defending perpetrators of domestic violence. This case is a sensitive issue that triggers strong emotions in society. Making it even harder to turn the tide of public opinion.

Sung-han believes that his client is innocent of the abuse allegations. However, the key question that needs to be answered is why the wife decided to report her husband to the police and press charges for assault.

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Sung-han’s two best friends decide to investigate the crime scene themselves. They speak with villagers in the area. And the villagers confirm that the husband did indeed beat his Vietnamese wife. Upon hearing this, Sung-han’s friends are left with a blank expression on their faces.

However, Sung-han’s two best friends receive shocking information from the owner of a pesticide pharmacy. He reveals that he saw the Vietnamese woman with another man. Despite telling her husband, the farmer, he did not believe that his wife would be unfaithful.

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Meanwhile, Ma Geum-hee, the ex-mother-in-law of Sung-han’s late sister, brings Sung-han’s beloved nephew Ki-young for a visit. The uncle and his nephew share heartwarming moments filled with happiness.

However, their joy is short-lived when Jin Young-joo suddenly appears at Sung-han’s doorstep, demanding to take Ki-young back for his evening classes. Despite Sung-han’s attempts to reason with her, Jin Young-joo has legal rights to the child. It seems that Jin Young-joo won’t let Sung-han have even a small moment of happiness with his nephew. Perhaps she’s satisfied with taking away the person Sung-han loves from his arms.

Sung-han reflects on his past with regret. Realizing that he shouldn’t have let his sister and nephew go to live with those people. He becomes more determined than ever to win the case.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 8 Recap Kdrama

Trial day at the courthouse arrives and Sung-han grills the Vietnamese wife with a shocking question that leaves everyone stunned: “Is your son the biological child of the husband?”

There’s no response from the wife. And Sung-han files a petition for a DNA test. A sly smile spreads across his face, and he turns to Park Yoo-seok.

As it turns out, the wife was secretly seeing another man of the same nationality. And her infant son was the product of adultery. She had falsely accused her husband of physical abuse because she wanted to leave him for her lover.

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