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Our Blooming Youth Episode 13 Recap: Faded Memory - Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 13 Recap: Faded Memory – Kdrama

Previously on Our Blooming Youth: The Crown Prince was detained in the East Palace. But with the help of Jae-Yi, Ga-ram, and Myung-Jin, His Highness agrees to lift the detention order. Meanwhile, Jae-yi’s memory is restored. She remembered that Tae-kang had sent the secret message to her house.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 13 recap: Jae-yi claims that her memories are true. But the Crown Prince trusts Tae-kang which confuses Jae-yi even more.

Park Hyung-sik and Jeon So-nee

The Crown Prince intervenes to prevent Tae-kang from assassinating Jae-yi. He then allows her to speak her truth. Jae-yi confirms that she remembers Tae-kang as the messenger who delivered the secret message, but also as the person who shot a poisoned arrow at the Crown Prince during a hunting ceremony and set fire to the plum trees. However, the Crown Prince informs her that Tae-kang was in the East Palace on the day of her family’s murder. This revelation leaves Jae-yi feeling perplexed.

The next day, the Crown Prince says to Tae-kang, He still trusts him without any doubt.

Jae-yi visits Ga-ram to recount the events of that day, but her memories are hazy and unclear, leaving her even more confused.

On the same day, Jae-yi runs into Tae-kang. He insists that he is not the villain she accused him of. His words only add to Jae-yi’s confusion.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 13 Kdrama screenshots

The King meets with the Left State Councilor and Prime Minister in secret. He tells them that what he says must not leave the room. He plans to hasten the crown prince’s wedding ceremony to prevent the Cho family from seizing power.

The Eliminate

Later, the whereabouts of Oh Man-Sik, the surviving citizen of Byukcheon, are revealed. He changed his name and moved to another city to do business. The crown prince, Jae-yi, and Han Sung-eon immediately head over. However, Cho Won-bo also learns of this news and orders assassins to kill and silence Oh Man-sik.

Park Hyung-sik, Jeon So-nee and Yun Jonh-seok

Oh Man-sik recognizes the Crown Prince and runs away, but assassins shoot him in the chest. Later, they attack the Crown Prince, while Jae-yi and Han Sung-eon fall into a river. The assassin murders Oh Man-sik’s daughter and wife.

However, Jae-yi and Han Sung-eon manage to escape unscathed. They set out to find the Crown Prince, with Jae-yi in tears and deeply worried for his safety.

Jae-yi and Han Sung-eon finally find the Crown Prince, who is walking desperately alone. Relieved to see him alive, Jae-yi rushes over and embraces him. However, the Crown Prince suddenly collapses.

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