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Our Blooming Youth Episode 14 Recap: Murder Mystery - Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 14 Recap: Murder Mystery – Kdrama

Previously on Our Blooming Youth: The Crown Prince, Jae-yi, and Han Sung-eon faced danger as they followed a clue from a Byukcheon citizen. Meanwhile, Cho Won-bo sent assassins to intervene, nearly costing the three their lives.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 14 recap: A mysterious woman arrives at Han Sung-eon’s house, and soon after, another bizarre murder occurs…

Park Hyung-sik, Jeon So-nee and Yun Jong-seok

Han Sung-eun and Jae-yi carry the unconscious Crown Prince to the nearby village for medical assistance. Thanks to the villagers’ aid, the Crown Prince’s health gradually improves.

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The Crown Prince is visited by His Highness upon his return to the Eastern Palace, who expresses concern and reminds him not to interfere in Byukcheon’s affairs. His Highness assures the Crown Prince that he will take care of Cho Won-bo and it’s not the right time to deal with him.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 14 Kdrama

Meanwhile, Cho Won-bo receives some important information. He learns that Ga-ram is actually Jae-yi’s servant girl who has been disguised as a man. He also discovers that Eunuch Go is Jae-yi who has entered the Eastern Palace. Cho Won-bo laughs with satisfaction and says, “The Crown Prince allows a woman to live in the Eastern Palace? Ha ha ha.”

Our Blooming Youth Episode 14 Recap: Murder Mystery - Kdrama

A Mysterious Murder

That night, a mysterious murder takes place. The victim is the daughter of the Chancellor of the Interior Department and Myung-jin’s fiancé. While out shopping with her maid, she suddenly vomits blood and collapses. The Crown Prince rushes over to check her pulse, but finds that she has already passed away. To their surprise, they notice Jae-yi’s bracelet on her wrist. Jae-yi is shocked and quickly decides to discreetly remove the bracelet from the corpse. Myung-jin witnesses this and is taken aback.

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