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Our Blooming Youth Episode 15 Recap: Royal Wedding - Kdrama

Our Blooming Youth Episode 15 Recap: Royal Wedding – Kdrama

Previously on Our Blooming Youth: Cho Won-bo discovered the truth that Eunuch Go is Jae-yi, which could lead to the Crown Prince’s demotion. Meanwhile, a mysterious murder occurred, and the victim was Myung-jin’s fiancée. Even more shocking, Jae-yi’s bracelet was found on the victim’s wrist.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 15 recap: Jae-yi discovers that the bracelet contains the very poison that was used to take the lives of her family.

Lee Tae-sun, Jeon So-nee and Park Hyung-sik

Myung-jin witnesses Jae-yi and the Crown Prince removing the bracelet from the dead body, but decides to let them go as Jae-yi explains that it is a crucial clue to solve the case.

Afterward, the truth is revealed. Jae-yi discovers that the bracelet was specially designed to contain poison. The inside of the jade is hollowed out, and there is a mechanism used to sprinkle the poison out. It turns out that Jae-yi suddenly knows the answer to the method used to poison her family.

The murder victim, Myung-jin’s fiancée, was the intended target of the poison-filled bracelet. Someone could have given her the bracelet, and she accidentally triggered the mechanism while eating a tok, causing her to rapidly vomit blood and die. It’s clear that someone is trying to use the poison to harm those close to Jae-yi.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 15 Recap


The next day, the King summons the Crown Prince to an audience. His Highness shares his plans for the heir to marry, explaining that it is the only way to secure the position of the heir to the throne.

Knowing this, the Crown Prince decides to give up on Jae-yi. He lashes out at her, giving a hundred and eight thousand reasons for her to leave. He goes on and on, saying that people like her are really annoying and not pleasing to the eye.

Despite feeling upset, Jae-yi can’t help but think about the possibility of the whole family being poisoned. However, she can’t bring herself to believe that someone she loves like a sibling could have planned it all. Who could be so heartless as to kill their entire family, even if they weren’t related by blood?

Meanwhile, Myung-jin has discovered the truth: that the scholar Park is the Crown Prince to the throne, Ga-ram is his young disciple, and Eunuch Go is actually Jae-yi. Myung-jin smiles, feeling satisfied with his own cleverness.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 15 Spoiler

Meanwhile, Prince Myung-an’s health takes a turn for the worse as he begins to vomit after eating and experiences childlike fears. His condition doesn’t show any signs of improvement and he starts to experience hallucinations.

Suddenly, Prince Myung-an begins to hallucinate and sees the former Crown Prince standing in front of him. In his delirium, Prince Myung-an confesses that he had given peaches to the former Crown Prince before he died. This revelation leaves the Queen in a state of shock and almost drives her to madness. At that exact moment, His Highness arrives.

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