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Our Blooming Youth Episode 16 Recap: White Flag in Byukcheon

Our Blooming Youth Episode 16 Recap: White Flag in Byukcheon

Previously on Our Blooming Youth: Jae-yi discovered that the bracelet given to her by Shim-yang contained the poison used to kill her family. Meanwhile, Prince Myung-an confessed to giving peaches to the former Crown Prince, revealing the cause of his death.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 16 recap: The Queen is furious that Cho Won-bo used her son, Prince Myeong-ahn. The Crown Prince tries to find out what happened in Byukcheon.

The Queen keeps Prince Myung-an’s confession about giving plums to the former Crown Prince a secret from the King. She urges him to keep this matter buried forever. However, the shocking revelation is that Cho Won-bo is the one who brought the plums to Prince Myung-an.

The Queen, overwhelmed with resentment, secretly cries alone. Cho Won-bo, who used Prince Myung-an as a tool to kill the former Crown Prince, is the cause of her sorrow.

Princess Ha-yeon reveals the truth about Prince Myung-an’s involvement in the death of the former crown prince to Jae-yi. But warns her to keep it a secret from the Crown Prince, who is preparing for his wedding ceremony. Jae-yi is shocked to learn about the upcoming wedding ceremony.

Despite her suspicions, Jae-yi decides to keep an eye on Tae-Kang. She observes him closely and notices that he has impressive martial arts skills. This could explain his agility and quick movements. However, Jae-yi is still uncertain and wonders if there could be another explanation for his abilities.

Sung’s wife

Meanwhile, a man named Park Han-soo contacts Cho Won-bo to inform him of something important. However, Cho Won-bo sends an assassin to meet him instead. Park Han-soo reveals to the assassin that he saw Sung’s wife leaving the Right State Councilor’s house and getting into one of the palanquins. He also adds, “Lord Cho will be surprised to know where the back palanquin was heading.” The assassin unsheathes his sword and approaches Park Han-soo, but…

As the assassin returns, the Crown Prince and Tae-Kang arrive at the scene of Park Han-soo’s suffocating body. The Crown Prince demands to know what happened at Byukcheon ten years ago. With his last bit of strength, Park Han-soo shares the truth with the Crown Prince. “The flag at Byukcheon was not a rebellion flag, but a white flag. The villagers gathered to surrender without knowing they were going to die. They [Cho Won-bo] paid to silence the soldiers who had joined in the fight. But there was one thing Cho Won-bo didn’t know. Sung’s wife is hiding in the palace!”

This revelation leaves everyone stunned and questioning what other secrets may be hidden within the palace walls.

Cho Won-bo starts investigating Sung’s wife’s story in the royal palace, but he doesn’t seem to believe that it’s true. He thinks that it might be a ploy to mislead him. However, he decides to investigate further to make sure that there is no truth to it.

The Crown Prince is furious when he learns about the events at Byukcheon ten years ago. If the story is true, then Cho Won-bo’s actions are unforgivable. The only way to find out the truth is to locate Sung’s wife, who is believed to be hiding somewhere in the royal palace.

Twins !

The scene cuts to outside of the royal palace where Tae-Kang meets with Master Moo-jin, who is Myung-jin’s master. Tae-Kang is given an order to kill Princess Ha-yeon in secret.

Meanwhile, Myung-jin is consumed with thoughts about Tae-kang, causing his head to feel like it’s about to explode. Suddenly, a revelation strikes him: “That’s because Tae-kang has twins!” Jae-yi and the Crown Prince are shocked to learn this truth. It turns out that Tae-kang has twin children.

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