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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 11 Recap: The Late Kim Do-gi - Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 11 Recap: The Late Kim Do-gi – Kdrama

Previously on Taxi Driver 2: The Rainbow Taxi team sought revenge against a doctor who had mistreated an elderly person without any family. Despite their success, Ha-joon orchestrated a bomb attack on Do-gi’s VIP taxi that left him fighting for his life. Will he make it through?

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 11 Recap: Do-gi makes it out alive from the car bomb explosion. He uses his death to track down the person behind the vicious attack.

Shin Jae-ha

At Do-gi’s funeral, the Rainbow Taxi team is overcome with grief. Amidst the tears, Ha-joon appears and sneers in front of Do-gi’s portrait. He was behind the explosion and has no intention of stopping Do-gi’s death. Ha-joon plans to eliminate Rainbow Taxi entirely.

Rainbow Taxi

The footage cuts back before the VIP taxi explodes and engulfs in flames. Do-gi sensed something was off and jumped out of the car, narrowly surviving. He faked his death and used his own corpse to find suspects.

Ha-joon resigned as a taxi driver. And Go-eun discovers he is the most suspicious person.

Burning Sun Scandal in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 11 Kdrama


Go-eun has discovered that the person who attended Do-gi’s funeral used to work at a high-end club called BLACK SUN. The Rainbow Taxi team agrees to investigate there. But since it only accepts VIP guests, Do-gi has to find a way to sneak in. He pretends to be an old friend of a VIP guest named ‘Richter’ and befriends him to gather information.

As Do-gi investigates BLACK SUN, he discovers minors visiting the club illegally. He reports it to the police, but they tip off the club guards. Do-gi is dragged out and brutally beaten. The police arrest him for vandalizing the club’s property instead of helping him.

Kim Eui-sung and Lee Je-hoon

At that moment, forensic experts inform Director Jang Sung-cheol that the bomb in Do-gi’s VIP taxi was made by the Interior Ministry’s anti-terrorism unit. This revelation causes Jang Sung-cheol’s expression to betray his worry.

While at the police station, Do-gi defends himself against accusations of vandalizing the club’s property. The police interrogator receives a mysterious phone call and then informs Do-gi of additional charges: molesting a female employee in the club.

Image via SBS Korea
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