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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 Recap: Bold Decision - Kdrama

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 Recap: Bold Decision – Kdrama

Previously on Divorce Attorney Shin: Sung-han Law Office found themselves handling two cases simultaneously. Seo-jin and Choi-joon were responsible for the first case. Meanwhile, Sung-han had to defend a husband against charges of domestic violence filed by his Vietnamese wife.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 recap: Sung-han delivers an impressive performance at the trial, ultimately securing an incredible victory for his client.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 Recap: Bold Decision - Kdrama

In the courtroom, a young Vietnamese wife is claiming that she is being forced to work in the fields every day. And when she asked to go back to her family in Vietnam, she was physically abused by her husband. The girl is claiming that she has to suffer with this cruel husband.

However, Sung-han presents evidence in court that contradicts the young Vietnamese wife’s claims. He proves that her husband paid for her family’s visit to Jeju Island and that no one prevented her from seeing them. Additionally, Sung-han provides evidence that the wife’s claim of being forced to work in the fields is false.

So Sung-han delivers a devastating blow to the Vietnamese wife by asking, “Is your son actually the child of the defendant’s husband?” The truth is revealed that she had been secretly seeing an adulterer of the same nationality and her infant son was born out of wedlock. She reported her husband for domestic violence to break free and be with her lover.

Sung-han’s case ended in a success and the Vietnamese wife reconciles with her husband, who lovingly holds their baby in his arms without even mentioning the past.

Jin Young-joo’s defeat greatly upset her father-in-law, and he confronts her with a punchy question. However, Jin Young-joo remains silent in response. He asks, “Who exactly is the rotten fish? You or Shin Sung-han!?”

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 9 Recap - Kdrama screenshots

Bold Decision

Cut to Lawyer Choi-joon’s case at the mediation room. He presents various pieces of evidence to prove that his client’s husband only married her for her property. When the husband’s true intentions are exposed, he erupts and causes chaos. Despite this, Choi-joon’s side wins the case. And the wife is able to divorce without having to pay a single dollar of the marital property to her deceitful husband.

Cho seung-woo and Han Hye-jin

That night, Sung-han treats everyone to a celebratory dinner to mark their victories. As they’re enjoying their drinks, a drunken man approaches Seo-jin and claims to have seen a leaked video of her with another man. Seo-jin is taken aback and stunned, but Sung-han takes charge of the situation and sends the drunk man home.

Han Hye-jin

The following day, Seo-jin gathers her courage and decides to pick up Hyeon-u from school. She ignores the judgmental looks from others and focuses on reuniting with her son. Hyeon-u’s face lights up with happiness as he sees his mother and they embrace tightly, shedding tears of joy.

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