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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 10 Recap: Too Easy Case - Kdrama

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 10 Recap: Too Easy Case – Kdrama

Previously on Divorce Attorney Shin: the Sung-han Law Firm was handling two cases simultaneously. The first case involved a Vietnamese wife who accused her husband of domestic abuse. Sung-han was able to prove that the wife had made false accusations in order to be with her lover.

In the second case, lawyer Choi-joon successfully mediated a settlement for his client without having to pay any marital property. Meanwhile, Jin Young-joo faced the wrath of her father-in-law for losing her case. To add to the complexity of the situation, Ma Geum-hee asked Sung-han to file for divorce from her husband.

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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 10 recap: Sung-han takes on Ma Geum-hee’s divorce case, while Seo-jin resumes hosting the show through online channels. However, she faces a keyboard troll who tries to disrupt the show.

Seo-jin returns to hosting the program via online channels, with fans sending positive messages in response. However, there are also negative comments, which the PD deletes to avoid making Seo-jin feel uncomfortable.

Later on, Seo-jin tracks down the keyboard troll and discovers that it is just a young girl. Her mother ran off with another man, and her father is battling cancer. The girl admits to posting negative comments out of frustration. Seo-jin is shocked to learn that the girl is only 14 years old.

An Uninvited Guest

Ma Geum-hee’s divorce case against the chairman of Dae Nam Electronics (the ex-husband of Sung-han’s late sister) quickly became a sensation in the media, capturing immediate attention.

Ma Geum-hee presents evidence that could potentially lead to Sung-han’s victory in the divorce case. The evidence proves that her husband had been involved with another woman for several decades. And based on this, Ma Geum-hee is seeking to receive half of his assets in Dae Nam Electronics.

Sung-han is sitting in his office, contemplating the simplicity of Ma Geum-hee’s divorce case due to the strong evidence. He thinks that even a fresh graduate could handle it with ease. Suddenly, an uninvited guest appears – Ki-young.

Ki-young, Sung-han’s beloved nephew, arrives at the office looking distraught. He approaches Sung-han with a serious expression and speaks in a voice that sounds unfamiliar to Sung-han, “Attorney Shin Sung-han, please help me. Can you take my case?”

Sung-han sees his beloved nephew with a sorrowful expression and immediately embraces him, promising to do everything he can to help.

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