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Our Blooming Youth Episode 17 Recap: Class Discrimination

Our Blooming Youth Episode 17 Recap: Class Discrimination

Previously on Our Blooming Youth: The truth had been revealed. Prince Myung-an had brought peaches to the former Crown Prince which led to his death. And the person behind it was Cho Won-bo. This caused the Queen to be extremely angry. Meanwhile, Myung-jin had a realization that Tae-kang had twins, which shocked Jae-yi and the Crown Prince.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 17 recap: Princess Ha-yeon sneaks Prince Myung-an out of the royal palace to seek treatment for his delirium with Master Monk Moo-jin, unaware that they are being followed by an assassin.

After Myung-jin’s assumption that Tae-kang has a twin, Jae-yi uncovers the mystery behind the dried peony petals. She believes that peony flowers contain opium, which can cause a person to become delusional and insane.

Despite Jae-yi’s theory, the crown prince remains convinced that Tae Gang is unaware of having twins and played no part in their conception.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 17 Recap: Class Discrimination

That very same night, Princess Ha-yeon requests Han Sung-eon to be her bodyguard and escorts Prince Myung-an to Master Monk Moo-jin’s place to cure his delirium. Master Monk Moo-jin prescribes a remedy that puts Prince Myung-an to sleep and performs a ritual similar to hypnosis. He brainwashes Prince Myung-an to forget that he ever gave peaches to the former Crown Prince and to relieve him of his pain.

While Master Monk Moo-jin performs inside, Tae-kang’s twins show up dressed in black to assassinate Princess Ha-yeon. Fortunately, Han Sung-eon intervenes just in time. When he sees the assassin’s face, he is shocked. The Tae-kang twins manage to escape accidentally.

Free From Class Discrimination

Han Sung-eon is left stunned by Master Monk Moo-jin’s words. The monk’s revelation that he wishes to eradicate the Lee Clan completely and create a new dynasty with the Sung family leaves Han Sung-eon in shock. He tries to reason with the monk, saying that all lives are equal, but the monk defends his actions, saying that he cannot remain silent in the face of such brutality. Despite admitting to having blood on his hands, the monk stands by his actions and reveals his ultimate goal for the land to be free from class discrimination.

Master Monk Moo-jin takes his own life with a sword. Han Sung-eon is left shocked. And bewildered by the monk’s actions and words.

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Han Sung-eon examines Tae-kang’s body for battle wounds but finds none. Confused by this, as he still doesn’t know about Tae-kang’s twins, Han Sung-eon is stunned by the situation. Tae-kang himself is also taken aback by what has occurred.

Later on, Jae-yi and the Crown Prince decide to investigate the place where Master Monk Moo-jin used to treat Prince Myung-an. While searching, Jae-yi discovers opium in the incense burner, leading them to suspect that the drug may have played a role in clouding her memory of the incident.

Jeon Se-nee

The next day, Jae-yi confronts Tae-kang in the library. In the foreground of the scene, Tae-kang and the twins are seen together in the room. Suddenly, the twins take advantage of the moment to escape, and Jae-yi chases after them. However, she stumbles and falls, and Tae-kang catches up to her, attempting to strangle her. Will he succeed in killing her with his own hands?

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