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Our Blooming Youth Ep 18 Recap: Can't Go Back to the Way It Was

Our Blooming Youth Ep 18 Recap: Can’t Go Back to the Way It Was

Previously on Our Blooming Youth: All the truths have come to light. It was revealed that Jae-yi’s family died from the poison hidden in her bracelet, which Shim-young gave as a gift, and that the opium mixed in the dried peony petals in the incense burner was the reason for her faded memories. In addition, it was also revealed that Tae-kang has twins, a shocking fact indeed!

In the midst of the chaotic situation in the royal palace, the Queen continues to hide her identity while the final plan unfolds.

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Our Blooming Youth Episode 18 recap: Tae-kang confesses to the Crown Prince that he is a Byukcheon. But he has always believed that his twin brother had passed away. Meanwhile, Han Sung-eon discovers that Eunuch Go is actually Min Jae-yi…

The Crown Prince intervenes just in time and stops Tae-Kang from strangling Jae-yi.

Tae-Kang then confesses that he is originally from Byukcheon. And that he had always believed that his twin brother died there. When he saw his brother alive, he was completely stunned. The Crown Prince decides to believe Tae-Kang’s story.

In the meantime, the selection of the consort is completed. But the Crown Prince and Jae-yi are still concealing their feelings for each other.

Prince Myung-an regains consciousness and returns to normal. But with a shockingly new appearance – his hair has turned completely white, just like Shim-young and the medium.

The Queen receives a confidential letter stating that Eunuch Go is actually Jae-yi. She summons Han Sung-eon to meet with her and reveals the truth to him.

I Can’t Go Back to the Way It Was

Later, Han Sung-eon apologizes to Jae-yi for not recognizing her as Eunuch Go. However, Jae-yi informs him that she can no longer be his fiancée. “Even in the future, I will no longer be a eunuch and will go back to being Min Jae-yi. But I can’t be your fiancée anymore.” Tears welled up in Han Sung-eon’s eyes upon hearing the heartbreaking news of their breakup. To make matters worse, he learns that the man Jae-yi loves is the Crown Prince.

That night, Jae-yi heads to the library only to find her personal dagger missing. She realizes that Tae-kang’s twin must have taken it. Her suspicion is confirmed when she rushes to the consort’s palace and finds her lying in a pool of blood with Jae-yi’s dagger placed nearby. With a look of shock on her face, Jae-yi picks up the knife.

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