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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 14 Recap: Illegal Justice - Kdrama

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 14 Recap: Illegal Justice – Kdrama

Previously on Taxi Driver 2: Do-gi and the Rainbow Taxi team uncovered a disturbing pattern of sexual assault at BLACK SUN club involving a KPOP idol involved in drugging and assaulting women.

Do-gi is caught, drugged and staged for a car crash. Fortunately, Go-eun rescues him. Upon waking up in the hospital, he smiles while holding a recording device with important evidence.

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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 14 Recap: Do-gi acquires evidence of drug trafficking at BLACK SUN, which implicates the police. Ha-joon tries to intervene.

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Do-gi discovers a crucial audio recording made by Detective Choi. It reveals that the drugs used in BLACK SUN were confiscated narcotics that were supposed to be destroyed legally, but were instead embezzled by corrupt cops.

In the present, Ha-joon is at the Black Sun Club’s VIP lounge drinking. When he gets a report about an absent employee. Upon seeing the employee’s picture, Ha-joon is shocked to realize that Do-gi is still alive. “How is that possible?” he exclaims.

Despite Ha-joon’s knowledge of Do-gi being alive, the Rainbow Taxi team proceeds with their plan. The two brothers secretly switch drugs with corrupt police officers and mix the substance with the VIPs’ liquor at Black Sun Club.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 14 Kdrama

The Justice

As the plan unfolds, chaos ensues at the Black Sun Club. Some individuals fall unconscious to the ground, while others experience hallucinations and become manic from the mixed drugs, attacking each other like crazed animals.

As the commando police arrive to arrest everyone at the club, Ha-joon tries to make a run for it. Before leaving, he taunts, “I’ll see you later, Do-gi. I’ll kill you with my own hands.” In the end, the authorities apprehend everyone in the club.

The suspect in Detective Choi’s murder is tried in court and sentenced to life imprisonment. Richter is also convicted and receives a 10-year prison sentence.

After helping to bring the wrongdoers to justice and dealing with the Black Sun, reporter Kim Young-min tells Kim Do-gi that while he doesn’t condone their illegal methods. But he admits that “It’s the justice.”

Shin Jae-ha

Later, despite Ha-joon killing and silencing the police chief, “The Bishop” is still angry over the massive mismanagement that occurred. Ha-joon is summoned to meet with the bishop, where his minions strangle him to death as punishment. But…

But before taking his last breath. Ha-joon pleads with the Bishop for another chance, “Please, give me another chance. I swear I’ll take down Kim Do-gi with my own hands.”

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 14 Recap: Illegal Justice - Kdrama

The Bishop contacts Rainbow Taxi to request their revenge service. Do-gi is assigned to drive a VIP taxi to pick up the Bishop. As they start the journey, Do-gi activates the recording device and asks the Bishop to tell him what happened. “Can you please tell me what led you to seek revenge?”

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