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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 11 Recap: Words as Weapons

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 11 Recap: Words as Weapons

Previously on Divorce Attorney Shin: Ma Geum-hee had engaged Sung-han as her attorney to file for divorce from her husband, and had provided him with a substantial file of evidence. The file contained records of a woman with whom her husband had been involved for several decades.

Meanwhile, Sung-han’s beloved nephew, Ki-young, visited his office seeking help with a legal case.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 11 recap: When Sung-han sees his beloved nephew Ki-young in distress. He decides to step back from being the attorney for Ma Geum-hee’s divorce case.

Ki-young comes to Sung-han’s office, visibly upset and distressed. He explains that Uncle Jong, who is the only person who has been kind to him, is about to be replaced as his driver. Ki-young expresses his fear and sadness, saying “In the car is where I feel most comfortable because Uncle Jong is a driver. No one is on my side now. Uncle is about to leave.”

Sung-han tries to comfort his nephew, but Ki-young hits him with another question. “Uncle, you’re not my father or my mother. How can you protect me?”

After taking Ki-young home, Sung-han is restless and unable to sleep as he thinks about the recent events. He feels frustrated that Jin Young-joo is making Ki-young suffer.

The next day, Sung-han meets with Ma Geum-hee and decides to end his involvement in her divorce case. He believes that working on the case may harm Ki-young. And that any lawyer could handle the case with the evidence available. Ma Geum-hee agrees to the terms and gets the 27% share of Dae Nam Electronics she wanted.

That evening, Ma Geum-hee meets Jin Young-joo to discuss Ki-young. The conversation turns into an argument, and Ma Geum-hee drops a bombshell by revealing the last phone call Ki-young’s mother made before she died in a car accident.

Murder Weapons

Sung-han confronts Jin Young-joo at the police station after his best friend followed Ki-young’s car for days. Jin Young-joo becomes angry and shouts at Sung-han. In response, Sung-han calmly asks her to speak nicely and reminds her that her words are like murder weapons. Jin Young-joo’s face begins to bleed. And she accuses Ki-young’s mother of causing the car crash. Sung-han smiles slightly before turning away.

Putting the pieces together, Sung-han realizes that Ma Geum-hee filed for divorce and wanted a stake in Dae Nam Electronics for Ki-young’s benefit. He wonders why Ma Geum-hee has been so good to Ki-young and meets her again to find out. Ma Geum-hee explains that she loved Ki-young’s mother like a daughter and that she helped her during a difficult time.

The next morning, Sung-han waits for Ki-young before school and offers to help him get out of his predicament. The two hug with joy as Jin Young-joo watches, dissatisfied.

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