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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Finale Recap: The Last War

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Finale Recap: The Last War

Previously on Divorce Attorney Shin: Sung-han had been enduring Jin Young-joo’s malevolence for years, which had ultimately led to the death of his sister and the bullying of Ki-young, his only nephew. However, Sung-han couldn’t take it anymore, and it was time for the final showdown with Jin Young-joo.

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Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Finale recap: Sung-han is preparing to initiate the final battle to rescue Ki-young from an uncomfortable situation. It remains uncertain what the outcome of the story will be.

Divorce Attorney Shin Episode 12 Finale Recap: The Last War

Sung-han engages in negotiations with Ma Geum-hee to put an end to her divorce proceedings. In exchange for her husband’s agreement to give her 27 percent of Dae Nam Electronic shares, which she wants, the negotiations go smoothly.

Afterward, Sung-han files a lawsuit to strip Seo Jeong-guk (Ki-young’s father) of his custody rights. The case drags on until the day of the trial, during which Jin Young-joo had lined up witnesses to testify in her favor. She appeared in good spirits and had a smile on her face.

Cho Deung-woo and Noh Susanna

At the first trial, Sung-han attempts to present evidence to the court that Seo Jeong-guk has been neglecting Ki-young’s depression. He begins by recounting an incident when Ki-young was only three years old and was taken from his mother’s arms. Since then, Ki-young has lived with his stepmother (Jin Young-joo) and half-brother, which has been a difficult time for a three-year-old child to endure. Despite this, no one has cared about Ki-young’s depression, and nobody even knows that he is suffering from it.

Sung-han further explains that any driver or housekeeper who is nice to Ki-young is fired for no reason, which makes him feel even more alone. However, Jin Young-joo’s fabricated witnesses give her an advantage, as both Ki-young’s teacher and housekeeper testify that he does not have the problems Sung-han claims. Although Sung-han knows the witnesses are lying, he has no evidence to prove it.

Cho Deung-woo in Divorce Attorney Shin Ep 12 Finale

Later, Sung-han meets with Ki-young’s father and tells him that even if he loses the case. He will still move on because he wants Ki-young to know that he is not alone. Sung-han’s words prompt Seo Jeong-guk to start thinking about something. And Sung-han leaves the seeds of doubt in Seo Jeong-guk’s mind. Regarding the conversation Jin Young-joo had with Ki-young’s mother during the accident.

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On the day of the second trial, Sung-han asks Seo Jeong-guk if Ki-young received enough love and attention while living with his father and stepmother. Sung-han answers his own question and says he believes that he did not.

Sung-han continues to explain that caring for someone is more than just providing food, clothing, and education. He believes that because Ki-young has a strong desire to leave the house. He is not receiving enough love and attention.

Wanting to do the right thing, Seo Jeong-guk agrees to confess the truth in front of the court. And in the end, the judge rules that Sung-han be Ki-young’s guardian.

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Sung-han happily lives his new life with Ki-young. While Seo Jeong-guk and Jin Young-joo spend the rest of their lives repenting for their wrongs.

Han Hye jin

Meanwhile, Seo-jin dares to confront the negative attitude people have towards her past and returns to hosting a radio program that she loves.

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