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Our Blooming Youth Episode 19 Recap: Feigned Retreat

Our Blooming Youth Episode 19 Recap: Feigned Retreat

Previously on Our Blooming Youth: Han Sung-eon discovered that Eunuch Go was actually Jae-yi, his fiancée. He apologized for not recognizing her. But Jae-yi refused to return to her previous status as his fiancée. This was because she had developed feelings for the Crown Prince.

In the end, Jae-yi discovered that the dagger was missing. In a panic, she hurriedly ran to the consort’s palace. When she arrived, her fears were confirmed as she found the consort lying in a pool of blood with the dagger nearby.

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Our Blooming Youth Episode 19 Recap: The Crown Prince uncovers some shocking evidence. Jae-yi is arrested for murder. But this turns out to be an opportunity for her to finally express the feelings she has been keeping in her heart.

Jeon So-nee and Park Hyung-sik

Jae-yi is arrested on serious charges. She immediately confesses that she is not Eunuch Go, but rather disguised herself in the royal palace. She also admits to killing the Crown Princess and takes full responsibility for her actions in order to protect the Crown Prince.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 19 Kdrama

Meanwhile, the Queen shares a story with Prince Myung-an. She tells him about a boy named ‘Hyun’ who was born a long time ago. His father was a blacksmith and his mother was a courtesan.

The scene shifts to the past when the Queen was still a courtesan. Despairing of her future in the brothel, she considered taking her own life. However, a blacksmith named Song offered her a way out. He proposed to redeem her from the brothel and marry her, with the villagers of Byukcheon as witnesses.

The Queen shares this story with Prince Myung-An and then pauses. She tells him that when the time is right, the entire story will be revealed.

Park Hyung-sik


Meanwhile, the Crown Prince discovers some shocking evidence. He finds out that Song’s son was born on the same day as Prince Myung-An.

To confirm his suspicions, the Crown Prince enlists the help of Myung-jin and Ga-ram. He sends them to Nae-wang Village, the temporary residence of the Byukchon people, to uncover the truth.

Park Hyung-sik and Jeon So-nee

That night, the Crown Prince visits Jae-yi in prison. She opens up to him and confesses everything from her heart, including that she has fallen in love with him.

Park Hyung-sik and Jung Woong-in

The next day, after giving orders to Tae-kang, the Crown Prince kneels before His Highness and begs to be removed from his position. He takes responsibility for allowing Jae-yi to stay in the Eastern Palace.

In the end, His Highness issues a royal decree to remove the Crown Prince from his position. According to tradition, the deposed Crown Prince must be banished from the royal palace. The left-wing Chancellor, who was on the Crown Prince’s side, is also impeached.

At this point, Cho Won-bo continues to manipulate events. He strikes a deal with Han Sung-eon, offering to help his father regain the position of left state councilor in exchange for Han Sung-eon killing the Crown Prince during his journey. Han Sung-eon agrees to the bargain.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 19 Kdrama

Nae-wang Village

However, this is actually the Crown Prince’s plan from the beginning. Both His Highness and Han Sung-eon know the entire scheme. By the time Han Sung-eon deals with all the assassins sent by Cho Won-bo, the Crown Prince is safe.

Tae-kang’s twin successfully manages to rescue Jae-yi while she is en route to her execution. After the rescue, they all make their way to Nae-wang Village.

Jung Woong-in

At this point, Han Sung-eon’s betrayal and the Crown Prince’s superior strategy dawn on Cho Won-bo. Furthermore, Cho Won-bo discovers that Song’s wife, who was hidden in the royal palace, is actually the Queen.

Upon realizing this, Cho Won-bo is overcome with anger and shouts out in frustration that he has been deceived all along.

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