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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 15 Recap: Ha-joon VS Do-gi

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 15 Recap: Ha-joon VS Do-gi

Previously on Taxi Driver 2: Do-gi was in grave danger and nearly lost his life while infiltrating the Black Sun club. He ultimately succeeded in exposing the sinister happenings within that high society club. And learned that Ha-joon was the mastermind behind it all!

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Recap of Taxi Driver 2 EP.15: A new customer asks Rainbow Taxi for revenge service. But it turns out to be a trap set by the Bishop and Ha-joon. Meanwhile, Do-gi agrees to enter Zhang Shan Prison to help a victim without realizing it’s a setup. Eventually, Do-gi falls into Ha-joon’s trap, which is set to destroy him.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 15 Recap: Ha-joon VS Do-gi

As a child, the other children in the orphanage referred to Ha-joon as the “nameless” boy.The teasing became unbearable. And in a fit of rage, he pushed another child in a wheelchair, causing them to hit their head on a rock and die. The victim’s name was “Ha-joon.”

The Bishop, who was the pastor in charge of the orphanage at the time, intervened to cover up the case by ordering the police to rule it as an accidental death caused by the boy hitting his head on a rock. From then on, the boy was known as “Ha-joon.” The Bishop taught Ha-joon that “Only the winner determines who is at fault.”

Ha-joon rises through the ranks and becomes an assassin in the Bishop’s extensive criminal organization. Those in the group wear a distinctive cross ring that resembles a snake, serving as a symbol of their affiliation.

Lee Je-hoon and Pyo Ye-jin


In the present, Do-gi presents the cross ring to the members of Rainbow Taxi as a clue from the Black Sun Club. Upon investigation by Go-eun, who discovers that all the criminals involved in the Black Sun wore the same ring. Including the police chief in Vietnam and Pro Kang, as well as the high-ranking policeman killed by Ha-joon. The team decides that their next target should be the big boss behind the ring.

Later, the Bishop contacts Rainbow Taxi, posing as a customer seeking help for his son Lee Si-wan, who is in prison. Upon investigation, Go-eun discovers that Lee Si-wan had uncovered the financial trail of a criminal gang linked to the Black Sun, making him a target for murder. The team agrees to take on the urgent case unanimously.

Lee Je-hoon as Kim Do-gi in Taxi Driver 2 Episode 15

Disguised as a prisoner, Do-gi enters the same prison as Lee Si-wan and discovers that there is a bounty of hundreds of millions of won on Lee Si-wan’s head, making him a target for everyone in the prison.

In order to protect Lee Si-wan from being targeted by other inmates in the prison. Do-gi pretends to be a crazy man with exceptional fighting skills. He makes a scene and takes down anyone who crosses his path. Once the inmates are all disoriented, Do-gi approaches Lee Si-wan and claims that he is his best friend. This allows Lee Si-wan to be identified as part of Do-gi’s “crew,” keeping him safe from harm.

Lee Je-hoon and Shin Jae-ha

Let’s Play A Game

Despite everything going according to plan, Do-gi can’t shake off the feeling of being misunderstood. The whole operation seems too smooth and easy, leaving him suspicious.

And as expected, that night while Do-gi is in the cell, Ha-joon appears and reveals the truth: “It’s a trap.”

Do-gi’s head is set at a high price. The prisoners in the entire jail swarm around Do-gi, hoping to collect the bounty. Although Do-gi isn’t John Wick, he is still Do-gi. The prisoners attack him with their bare hands, fists, and weapons, but there’s nothing this taxi driver can’t handle. In the end, Do-gi uses his last bit of strength to defeat them all, but…

Lee Je-hoon and Shin Jae-ha

It’s not over yet. Another large group of prisoners appears in front of Do-gi. His battered shoulders are covered in blood, and they tie him up and drag him to Ha-joon in a room. The room has several large screens in the foreground, showing the other members of Rainbow Taxi being tied up.

Ha-joon flashes a victorious grin before suggesting, “Let’s play a game, Brother Do-gi. Who will you choose to die first?”

Taxi Driver 2 Ep 15 Recap

You Will Die by My Hand

Do-gi looks at the TV screen with a worried expression. Go-eun, Assistant Choi, and Assistant Park are tied to chairs on the roof of a building somewhere. At that moment, Do-gi speaks out, “I’ll pick the fourth one…” Ha-joon is surprised by Do-gi’s choice since there are only three of them.

At that moment, one of Ha-joon’s subordinates comes to deliver some news. He informs Ha-joon that Lee Si-wan, whom he believed to be dead, has resurfaced and is now prepared to testify in court, revealing the entire financial route of the organized crime and exposing their money laundering activities. Ha-joon is taken aback and left speechless by this revelation.

The scene reveals that Do-gi and the Rainbow Taxi team were aware from the beginning that The Bishop had agreed to use evidence of a financial route to lure Do-gi into a trap, so they devised a plan. Both Go-eun and the crazy siblings pretended to be arrested to buy time for Lee Si-wan to go to court and reveal the full extent of the organized crime’s money laundering operation.

The image on the TV screen is revealed to be a pre-recorded clip.

Ha-joon realizes that he has been deceived. He furiously brandishes a semi-automatic gun, pointing it at Do-gi’s head while shouting, “You will die by my hand!”

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