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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 16 Finale Recap: The Last War

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 16 Finale Recap: The Last War

Previously on Taxi Driver 2: The Bishop posed as a customer for Rainbow Taxi, but ended up trapping Do-gi in Zhang Shan Prison. Despite this setback, Do-gi managed to turn the tables and emerge victorious. Ha-joon was left seething with anger and even pulled out a gun, aiming it at Do-gi’s head.

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Taxi Driver 2 Episode 16 Finale Recap: Ha-joon in solitary confinement receives an unexpected visitor who reveals the terrible truth about what the Bishop did to him in their childhood.

Shin Jae-ha and Lee Je-hoon

Before Ha-joon can pull the trigger, the guards intervene and claim that it is the Bishop’s orders. Ha-joon is then taken away and punished for his misbehavior by being locked up in a solitary cell next to Do-gi’s. Meanwhile, Lee Si-wan is able to escape and testify at court, causing significant damage to the organization.

Taxi Driver 2 Episode 16 Finale Recap: The Last War

Later, Do-gi contacts Go-eun through his smart glasses and reveals his plan to stay in prison because he believes it’s the Bishop’s main base of operations. He enlists the help of the Rainbow Taxi team to take down the Bishop’s business. Assistant Choi and Assistant Park steal high-value relics, while Go-eun manages to obtain a client list from a finance company.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 16 Finale Kdrama


As the Bishop learns of his broken business. He orders the guards to bring Do-gi to the church where he addresses him in a calm voice. “Today is the day you won’t be able to bear staying in prison. Try to escape and get shot by the warden’s bullet… your life will end in vain, just like your mother.” The Bishop says with a smile on his face.

The mention of his mother immediately changes Do-gi’s expression, making his face bleed from anger. He tries to rush towards the Bishop, despite being tied up. Suddenly, the Bishop blows a whistle, surprising everyone.

The sound of the whistle is similar to the whistling of a kettle. The same sound his mother had left behind before she was brutally stabbed to death by an evil assassin. It’s the only sound that causes Do-gi to fall to the ground. And feel the pain in his heart that he can’t bear. Do-gi is no longer the same Chauffeur Do-gi.

Meanwhile, Go-eun, Assistant Park, and Assistant Choi are also captured by the Bishop’s minions.

Shin Jae-ha

However, a surprising visitor arrives at the prison – Jang Sung-cheol. This unexpected encounter becomes an opportunity for Jang Sung-cheol to reveal a truth that has been hidden from Ha-joon his whole life.

Ha-joon learns that he is not an orphan abandoned by his parents as he had always believed. The Bishop had actually tricked him into unknowingly killing his own father, who was actually his biological father. Ha-joon is left shocked and confused by this revelation.

Kim So-yeon

Later, Jang Sung-cheol reaches out to a woman (Kim So-yeon) for help in rescuing the Rainbow Taxi members. And they are all safely extracted.

Taxi Driver Season 2 Episode 16 Finale Kdrama

The Final Showdown

In the final showdown, the Bishop presents Ha-joon with a last chance to redeem himself by dueling with Do-gi. In the end, victory belongs to Do-gi.

However, in the eyes of the Bishop, Ha-joon is deemed a “weak bastard.” The Bishop pulls out his gun and aims it at Ha-joon. But to everyone’s surprise, Ha-joon decides to end the war himself. He runs towards the Bishop, who fires multiple shots at him. However, Ha-joon’s determination propels him forward, and he jumps towards the Bishop. The two fall off the roof and hit the ground, resulting in their deaths. The battle is finally over.

The Bishop’s criminal organization is utterly destroyed.

Lee Je-hoon

A year later, on December 8, 2023, Do-gi enlists in the army after a female soldier is sexually harassed and driven to suicide. When the army tries to cover up the incident, Do-gi decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Go-eun and the Rainbow Taxi team continue their mission of seeking justice, even in cases where the legal system fails.

Where the law fails, the Rainbow Taxi and Chauffeur Kim Do-gi will be there to provide justice.

Stay tuned for Taxi Driver Season 3.

The end!

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