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Our Blooming Youth Episode 20 Finale Recap: Justice Served

Our Blooming Youth Episode 20 Finale Recap: Justice Served

Previously on Our Blooming Youth: The Crown Prince uncovered the truth that Prince Myung-an is Song’s son, and the Queen was conspiring to overthrow the royal family and seize the throne. Meanwhile, Jae-yi was wrongfully accused of murder and took the blame to protect the Crown Prince.

However, the Crown Prince had a clever plan in motion. He arranged for himself to be removed from his position. While Jae-yi was saved from execution just in time. Before leaving for Nae-wang Village.

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Our Blooming Youth EP.20 Finale recap: The Crown Prince arrives at Nae-wang Village. Just then, Cho Won-bo comes once again to slaughter them. Will the Crown Prince be able to protect the people of Byukcheon?

Jung Woong-in and Hong Soo-hyun

Cho Won-bo visits the Queen and discovers that she was Song’s wife. He also reveals that Prince Myung-an is Song’s son. He still intends to put him on the throne to represent the Cho family.

Cho Won-bo tells the Queen that he knows where the Byukcheon people are hiding and plans to follow and kill them like he did ten years ago. The Queen cannot tolerate his cruel words and attempts to cut his neck with a small knife. However, she only manages to give him a slight wound on his face with the tip of the knife.

Park Hyung-sik

The Crown Prince and his group arrive at Nae-wang village to uncover the truth of what happened ten years ago. However, the villagers are hesitant and tie up the Crown Prince in distrust.

Fortunately, another group of Byukcheon people vouch for the Crown Prince’s intentions and convince the villagers to release him. They are finally able to hear the truth from the villagers, who reveal what happened a decade ago.

The Truth

The story begins with a group of villagers who gathered to write a petition to His Majesty, complaining of unfair taxation and the confiscation of cooking pots. However, before the petition could reach the King. The governor, who was a relative of Cho Won-bo, caught and beat the villagers to death.

That night, another group of villagers begged ‘Sung’ for help in raiding the official office to assist those who were unfairly punished. However, upon invading the office, they found that the governor had ordered everyone to leave. They claimed that the villagers attacked them and that there was a rebellion in Byukcheon. As a result, His Highness ordered Cho Won-bo to investigate the truth and suppress any rebellion found.

The villagers realized they had committed a crime by breaking into the office, so they planted a white flag to symbolize surrender. But Cho Won-bo didn’t care and ordered his soldiers to kill everyone. As for Song, he had his tongue cut off and his body displayed in the middle of the city.

After this incident, Cho Won-bo received a great deal of wealth and fortune from His Highness.

Upon hearing the truth, the Crown Prince promised the villagers that he would restore justice.

Fish Roe

The Queen is concerned that Cho Won-bo may harm the people of Byukcheon in Nae-wang Village. To prevent this, she informs His Highness. And then, feeling guilty, she eats fish roe with the power to drive the consumer insane.

Jung Woong-in and Park Hyung-sik

Cho Won-bo leads an invasion force to Nae-wang Village, hoping to slaughter everyone, especially the Crown Prince who knows the whole truth. The battle is fierce, with Cho Won-bo and the Crown Prince facing off. In the end, the Tae-kang twin sacrifices his life to protect the Crown Prince. The Left State Councilor, leading the troops according to His Majesty’s orders, arrives to help. Finally, Cho Won-bo is arrested.

Our Blooming Youth Episode 20 Finale spoiler

The Crown Prince is reinstated to his position. And the accusations of treason against Byukcheon are dismissed. The authorities apologize to Jae-yi and Ga-ram for wrongfully accusing them of crimes. The Queen’s insanity becomes apparent. And Prince Myung-an is banished from the royal palace.

Park Hyung-sik and Joen So-nee Kiss

As the story comes to an end, the Crown Prince goes to see Jae-yi. Overwhelmed with emotion, they embrace and share a passionate kiss. Finally, they confess their love for each other and commit to a future together. With the truth revealed and justice served, the story concludes on a happy note, leaving us with a sense of hope and joy.

The End!

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