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Doctor Cha Episode 3 Recap: Awkward Situation

Doctor Cha Episode 3 Recap: Awkward Situation

Previously on Doctor Cha: After surviving her liver transplant surgery, Jeong-suk decided to live the life she wanted, no longer devoted to housework and taking care of family members. Dr. Roy Kim continues to push her to become the best doctor she can be.

Despite receiving a high score of 49 out of 50 on her exams, she failed the interview due to her age. Meanwhile, In-ho was initially relieved that Jeong-suk failed the interview but was shocked to the point of losing consciousness when he saw Jeong-suk wearing a gown with Seung-hi.

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Doctor Cha episode 3 recap: Jeong-suk starts working at the hospital. Which makes In-ho and Seung-hi feel uncomfortable.

Jeong-suk was originally rejected due to her age. But the doctor who passed the exam requested a waiver. And Jeong-suk was chosen as the only remaining candidate.

In-ho is shocked to see Jeong-suk working in the same department as Seung-hi. And even ends up in the emergency room for saline due to the stress of the situation.

Myung Se-bin and Kim Byung-chul

Seung-hi, frustrated with the situation, urgently calls In-ho to meet up and demands that he find a solution. “You either make me move to another hospital or you leave. Figure it out quickly!” she yells at him.

Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Byung-chul

Einstein Quote

In the meantime, Jeong-suk is transferred to work as a doctor in In-ho’s department. Although she’s been out of practice for over twenty years, she does her job very well, even though she’s a bit clumsy. Her intentions are clear. Meanwhile, In-ho tries to persuade her to return home. But Jeong-suk rebuts with a quote from Einstein, saying that living like yesterday and waiting for a different future is a madman’s idea. Jeong-suk insists on creating a different future.

That night, In-ho confronts Jeong-suk but he’s left speechless when she questions why he’s so upset. “Are you being fussy, or is there another reason you don’t want me to know?” In the end, he allows her to work at the hospital on the condition that they pretend not to know each other. And he’ll treat her like any other intern.

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The following day, during the patient case briefing, In-ho intentionally asks Jeong-suk a difficult question about ‘CRM’ so that she cannot answer and humiliates her in front of the other doctors on the team, including her son.

“How can you treat a patient if you don’t know the basics? Can you really be a doctor like this?”

Myung Se-bin and Kim Byung-chul

Meanwhile, Seung-hi continues to pressure In-ho to deal with Jeong-suk or else she will quit. In response, In-ho puts on a smug smile and predicts that Jeong-suk will soon resign because she cannot handle the physical and mental demands of the job.

Doctor Cha Episode 3

The Party

And that evening, the chief doctor suddenly hosts a welcoming party for Dr. Roy Kim, the new handsome doctor of the hospital. In-ho is shocked to learn that the party is happening that night and tries to call Jeong-suk. But it seems to be too late as everyone has already gathered in the lobby.

That night, while everyone is having fun drinking and eating. The head doctor asks Jeong-suk about her husband’s job. She falters for a moment before answering that “He’s no longer with us.” Upon hearing this, In-ho chokes on the soju in his mouth.

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