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Doctor Cha Episode 4 Recap: The Power of a Gift

Doctor Cha Episode 4 Recap: The Power of a Gift

Previously on Doctor Cha: Jeong-suk was determined to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. But she had to keep the fact that her husband and son are also doctors in the hospital a secret. Meanwhile, In-ho tried his best to get Jeong-suk to leave the hospital.

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Doctor Cha Episode 4 Recap: After an eventful night out, Jeong-suk gets closer with Roy Kim — irritating In-ho. At the hospital, she continues to struggle amid the chaos.

After the party, Doctor Roy Kim, seemingly the only sober one, leaves on his motorcycle. Jeong-suk asks him for a ride home. Much to In-ho’s dismay as he watches his wife become friendly with the handsome doctor.

Uhm Jung-hwa and Min Woo-Hyuk

As they ride through the streets at night, Jeong-suk feels liberated and relaxed. They eventually stop at a park to chat. And Doctor Roy Kim remarks that In-ho doesn’t seem to respect her as a wife. Jeong-suk responds by saying, “Actually, my husband isn’t the worst. It’s just that over time. The love we once had for each other fades away. And we forget to be grateful for what we have.”

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Jeong-suk’s second day at the hospital proves to be challenging as she faces the wrath of So-ra, a third-year senior doctor who raises her voice every time Jeong-suk makes a mistake. However, Jung-min, who is also on the team, observes this and pleads with So-ra to be kinder to Jeong-suk without revealing their relationship.

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk struggles with the vast amount of knowledge she needs to catch up on. And constantly annoys her son with questions throughout the day. Frustrated, Jung-min directs her to watch YouTube videos to improve her understanding. As Jeong-suk begins to explore this new world of knowledge, it feels like a revelation to her.

Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Byung-chul

24k Diamond Bracelet

On the weekend, Jeong-suk decides to wash her husband’s clothes. And comes across a receipt for a 24k Diamond Bracelet priced at 5,820,000 won (approximately 4,400 USD). Jeong-suk is surprised and asks her husband about the expensive purchase. But he dodges the question by saying he intended to buy it as a birthday present for her. Believing her husband’s story, Jeong-suk offers to give In-Ho a massage and other services.

Unbeknownst to Jeong-suk, In-Ho actually bought the bracelet for Seung-hi during his seminar trip to Europe. The next day, he reluctantly goes to buy another bracelet of the same type and has to pay for it in installments over 12 months, gritting his teeth in frustration.

Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim Byung-chul and Myung Se-bin

Jeong-suk is in high spirits and decides to personally apologize to Seung-hi the next day for her past behavior. She feels remorseful for recklessly pursuing In-ho. While Seung-hi graciously accepts her apology, she sets a boundary and declines Jeong-suk’s offer to be friends. “I appreciate the apology, but that doesn’t mean we can be friends.”

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk receives an urgent call to the emergency room where a patient has lost consciousness. Dr. So-ra is performing CPR until Jeong-suk arrives. And then asks her to prepare the defibrillator. As they work together to save the patient’s life, Jeong-suk notices In-ho and Seung-hi smiling at each other and sees a diamond bracelet on Seung-hi’s wrist. Her distraction causes her to accidentally touch the defibrillator with her hands while it is charged to 200 joules, causing her to lose consciousness and fall to the ground.

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