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Doctor Cha (2023) Summary

Doctor Cha (2023) Summary

Doctor Cha Summary: Twenty years after leaving her medical career, a housewife returns as a first-year resident — struggling to find her footing in a job full of surprises.

Ep 1 Liver Transplant

The story begins with the life of Cha Jeong-suk (Uhm Jung-hwa), a mother of two who lives as a full-time housewife. She had abandoned her career as a doctor over twenty years ago.

Today, Jeong-suk visits a friend’s beauty clinic in central Seoul for a facial treatment. During their time together, she confides in her friend that she and her husband have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for over a decade. However, she believes that marriage is more than just a physical relationship. And that raising children to become successful and contributing members of society is a significant duty. Despite this, Jeong-suk still thinks about her life as a medical intern deep down.

On the bus ride home, a man suddenly collapses while getting off the bus. Jeong-suk panics and rushes to help the man, but realizes that her medical skills have faded over time. Fortunately, Dr. Roy Kim (played by Min Woo-hyuk) happens to pass by and provides first aid until the man is safely taken to the emergency room.

The scene cuts to Seo In-ho (Kim Byung-chul), the head of the colorectal and rectal surgery department and Jeong-suk’s husband. He is a highly respected medical doctor, but it is revealed that he is having a secret relationship with his colleague and former classmate, Dr. Choi Seung-hi (played by Myung Se-bin), who is willing to engage in a mistress relationship with him.

Acute Liver Failure

At dinner time, Jeong-suk prepares the food as she does every day, ensuring that it is something the whole family can eat together. During the meal, In-ho shows that he is strict with their son, who is currently an intern in medicine, and their high school-aged daughter. He also displays a sense of perfectionism and refined taste. When Jeong-suk changes the coffee beans they regularly drink, In-ho’s face twitches and he swears at her.

However, that night, Jeong-suk decides to try to rekindle her relationship with her husband and invites him to flirt. However, In-ho shows no interest in Jeong-suk and seems to only have eyes for Seung-hi. He is even preparing to attend a seminar in Europe with her the next day.

The following day, While shopping at the mall, Jeong-suk suddenly passes out and collapses to the floor. She is taken to the hospital. And upon awakening, she is informed that her liver values are dangerously high, indicating a risk of liver failure. Coincidentally, the doctor in charge of her case is Roy Kim, who recommends a liver transplant as soon as possible.

Jeong-suk chooses In-ho as the first relative to inform about her condition. But she decides not to tell him the whole truth. She is afraid that he will worry during his seminar in Europe.

A month later, Dr. Roy Kim informs Jeong-suk about the results of the liver transplant donor compatibility test. It turns out that the most suitable donor is In-ho. However, In-ho’s mother stubbornly objects to her son donating his liver.

Liver Transplant Operation

Meanwhile, In-ho sees that his wife is too sick to wait for a donor. So he defies his mother’s orders and agrees to be the donor. Jeong-suk thanks him and confesses her feelings for him. Even though she has often been angry and hated by him for treating her badly. She realizes that in the end, the person she hated is the one who donates her liver to keep her alive. She says through tears, “I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.”

Before In-ho can sign the consent form for the surgery, his mother intervenes and tears it up. However, Dr. Roy Kim still performs the liver transplant operation for Jeong-suk, even though In-ho doesn’t give his consent at the last moment.

Ep 2 Stand on My Own Feet

After In-ho’s mother refused to allow him to donate his liver to Jeong-suk. They were fortunate to find a liver donor whose compatibility matched Jeong-suk’s. The liver transplant surgery was successful. And Jeong-suk narrowly escaped death.

However, her life after the surgery remained the same. Her mother-in-law and husband continued to treat her like a servant. In-ho would become emotional and speak harshly to her when he didn’t get what he wanted. Jeong-suk began to feel that the twenty years she had devoted to her family were a worthless dedication. She decided that from that point on, she would do what she wanted to do.

And today, Jeong-suk goes on a shopping spree, buying everything she wants, including brand-name items. When In-ho receives a credit card notification message, he is shocked to see that Jeong-suk has spent 11,350,000 won in just one day.

“Have you lost your mind?!” In-Ho curses.

Jeong-suk receives a phone call from In-ho, who complains non-stop, but she replies in a flat voice that she just wants to do what she wants. Maybe it’s because she just escaped death. “I want to live my life for a bit.”

After that, everything changes. Jeong-suk stops being a housewife and stops doing anything related to household chores.

Later that night, Jeong-suk meets up with her friend for a glass of wine, and they reminisce about their days as medical students. Jeong-suk shares a story about a field trip where she fell and sprained her leg. In-ho came to help her and ended up giving her first aid, which eventually led to a sexual relationship and her pregnancy. She never knew that Seung-hi was In-ho’s first love.

Stand on My Own Feet

The next day, Jeong-suk visits In-ho at the hospital and asks him to make her a co-owner of their house. She remarks, “I always wondered why the only thing that’s in my name is the phone.”

However, In-ho’s mother refuses to let Jeong-suk become a co-owner on the grounds that property should be handed down to men, and their eldest son should inherit it. Jeong-suk feels humiliated and decides to become independent.

Returning home, Jeong-suk enters and sees the eldest son’s medical exam book. She picks it up and tries a few questions. “Ah, I can do this too,” she thinks to herself. Then Jeong-suk contemplates becoming a doctor again. For more than four months, she focuses on studying for exams and decides to work at Gusan University Hospital, the same place as her husband, without telling him.

On the day of the exam results announcement, Jeong-suk anxiously waits in front of her phone. She got 49 out of 50, far better than her son’s score of 45.

However, during the interview, Jeong-suk faces a hurdle due to her previous liver transplant, which makes her more susceptible to infections than the average person. Additionally, her age of 46 is considered relatively high for a resident doctor.

Not long after, Jeong-suk receives a phone call informing her that she failed the interview. Her expression shows no surprise, as if she had already made up her mind.

Ep 3 Awkward Situation

Jeong-suk was originally rejected due to her age. But the doctor who passed the exam requested a waiver. And Jeong-suk was chosen as the only remaining candidate.

In-ho is shocked to see Jeong-suk working in the same department as Seung-hi. And even ends up in the emergency room for saline due to the stress of the situation.

Seung-hi, frustrated with the situation, urgently calls In-ho to meet up and demands that he find a solution. “You either make me move to another hospital or you leave. Figure it out quickly!” she yells at him.

Einstein Quote

In the meantime, Jeong-suk is transferred to work as a doctor in In-ho’s department. Although she’s been out of practice for over twenty years, she does her job very well, even though she’s a bit clumsy. Her intentions are clear. Meanwhile, In-ho tries to persuade her to return home. But Jeong-suk rebuts with a quote from Einstein, saying that living like yesterday and waiting for a different future is a madman’s idea. Jeong-suk insists on creating a different future.

That night, In-ho confronts Jeong-suk but he’s left speechless when she questions why he’s so upset. “Are you being fussy, or is there another reason you don’t want me to know?” In the end, he allows her to work at the hospital on the condition that they pretend not to know each other. And he’ll treat her like any other resident doctor.

The following day, during the patient case briefing, In-ho intentionally asks Jeong-suk a difficult question about ‘CRM’ so that she cannot answer and humiliates her in front of the other doctors on the team, including her son.

“How can you treat a patient if you don’t know the basics? Can you really be a doctor like this?”

Meanwhile, Seung-hi continues to pressure In-ho to deal with Jeong-suk or else she will quit. In response, In-ho puts on a smug smile and predicts that Jeong-suk will soon resign because she cannot handle the physical and mental demands of the job.

The Party

And that evening, the chief doctor suddenly hosts a welcoming party for Dr. Roy Kim, the new handsome doctor of the hospital. In-ho is shocked to learn that the party is happening that night and tries to call Jeong-suk. But it seems to be too late as everyone has already gathered in the lobby.

That night, while everyone is having fun drinking and eating. The head doctor asks Jeong-suk about her husband’s job. She falters for a moment before answering that “He’s no longer with us.” Upon hearing this, In-ho chokes on the soju in his mouth.

Ep 4 The Power of a Gift

After the party, Doctor Roy Kim, seemingly the only sober one, leaves on his motorcycle. Jeong-suk asks him for a ride home. Much to In-ho’s dismay as he watches his wife become friendly with the handsome doctor.

As they ride through the streets at night, Jeong-suk feels liberated and relaxed. They eventually stop at a park to chat. And Doctor Roy Kim remarks that In-ho doesn’t seem to respect her as a wife. Jeong-suk responds by saying, “Actually, my husband isn’t the worst. It’s just that over time. The love we once had for each other fades away. And we forget to be grateful for what we have.”

Jeong-suk’s second day at the hospital proves to be challenging as she faces the wrath of So-ra, a third-year senior doctor who raises her voice every time Jeong-suk makes a mistake. However, Jung-min, who is also on the team, observes this and pleads with So-ra to be kinder to Jeong-suk without revealing their relationship.

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk struggles with the vast amount of knowledge she needs to catch up on. And constantly annoys her son with questions throughout the day. Frustrated, Jung-min directs her to watch YouTube videos to improve her understanding. As Jeong-suk begins to explore this new world of knowledge, it feels like a revelation to her.

24k Diamond Bracelet

On the weekend, Jeong-suk decides to wash her husband’s clothes. And comes across a receipt for a 24k Diamond Bracelet priced at 5,820,000 won (approximately 4,400 USD). Jeong-suk is surprised and asks her husband about the expensive purchase. But he dodges the question by saying he intended to buy it as a birthday present for her. Believing her husband’s story, Jeong-suk offers to give In-Ho a massage and other services.

Unbeknownst to Jeong-suk, In-Ho actually bought the bracelet for Seung-hi during his seminar trip to Europe. The next day, he reluctantly goes to buy another bracelet of the same type and has to pay for it in installments over 12 months, gritting his teeth in frustration.

Jeong-suk is in high spirits and decides to personally apologize to Seung-hi the next day for her past behavior. She feels remorseful for recklessly pursuing In-ho. While Seung-hi graciously accepts her apology, she sets a boundary and declines Jeong-suk’s offer to be friends. “I appreciate the apology, but that doesn’t mean we can be friends.”

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk receives an urgent call to the emergency room where a patient has lost consciousness. Dr. So-ra is performing CPR until Jeong-suk arrives. And then asks her to prepare the defibrillator. As they work together to save the patient’s life, Jeong-suk notices In-ho and Seung-hi smiling at each other and sees a diamond bracelet on Seung-hi’s wrist. Distracted, she accidentally touches the 200-joule defibrillator with her hands, losing consciousness and falling to the ground.

Ep 5 Condition That Cannot Be Denied

Seeing Jeong-suk collapse as if from an electric shock, In-ho rushes to her side. Seung-hi, witnessing the traumatic scene, feels hurt. She takes off the bracelet that In-ho had bought her and puts it away in a drawer at her desk.

A short while later, Jeong-suk regains consciousness. The first thing she does is look at Seung-hi’s wrist. But this time, the bracelet is gone. “My eyes must have been playing tricks on me,” she thinks.

That night, In-ho brings Jeong-suk a diamond bracelet for her birthday. Jeong-suk is so happy that she almost cries. This is the first gift she has ever received from her husband in over twenty years of marriage. In-ho takes this opportunity to convince Jeong-suk to leave the hospital and take care of their youngest daughter, who is about to take her university entrance exams. Jeong-suk reluctantly agrees, as she has been neglecting their daughter lately and they have been arguing frequently.

The Diamond Bracelet

Later that night, at the hospital, Seung-hi accidentally sees the diamond bracelet on Jeong-suk’s wrist. A look of intense jealousy flashes across her face. That night, she arranges to meet with In-ho.

“How dare you buy the same bracelet for both of them?” Seung-hi yells, throwing the expensive diamond bracelet at In-ho. “Do you want me to wear a bracelet like your wife?!”

It takes In-ho a long time to explain that he had to buy Jeong-suk the bracelet, and he promises to buy Seung-hi another present. But what Seung-hi really wants is for him to break up with Jeong-suk. However, that is something that will never happen, no matter how many years pass.

The story is even more complicated. The same night, Seung-hi argues with her teenage daughter, Eun-seo. Eun-seo feels inferior because she has a mother who is a mistress. She has a father, but she cannot call him “Dad.”

It turns out that Eun-seo, Seung-hi’s daughter, is best friends with Yi-rang, Jeong-suk’s daughter. Both girls have the same father, In-ho!

Since then, Seung-hi has been looking for ways to get Jeong-suk out of the hospital. She deliberately gives Jeong-suk all the worst tasks, such as searching for information in the library, writing minutes of meetings, providing information for meetings, and typing theses. Even though the work is heavy, Jeong-suk keeps her head down and does it without complaining.

However, the hard work is starting to take a toll on Jeong-suk. Her liver enzymes are elevated, and Dr. Roy Kim recommends that she work less and take better care of herself.

The VIP Patient

In the midst of all the problems she is facing, Jeong-suk goes to see In-ho at his office and tells him that she is going to resign and take care of her daughter.

In-ho is overjoyed. He immediately calls Seung-hi to tell her the good news. They both smile with relief, knowing that the thorn in their side is finally gone.

However, their happiness is short-lived. The director sends a message to all the doctors informing them of an urgent meeting. The director specifically mentions that Doctor Cha Jeong-suk is required to attend.

At the meeting, the VIP patient who was treated by Jeong-suk stands up and announces that he is donating 10 billion won (approximately $8 million) to the hospital. The only condition is that Jeong-suk must continue to work at the hospital. He says, “If the hospital loses this person, I will demand all of the money back.”

After the VIP patient speaks, everyone in the conference room stands up and applauds. Jeong-suk smiles from ear to ear.

Ep 6 Secret

That night, Seung-hi invites In-ho to meet her at a hotel after dinner. However, In-ho acts strangely, sitting on the sofa in the hotel room with a distorted expression on his face. Even though Seung-hi invites him to be intimate, he finally confesses that he has been losing a lot of hair lately, so he has been taking Finasteride, which has a side effect of making him impotent. Seung-hi laughs uncontrollably. “So tonight, let’s just hold hands and go to sleep,” she says.

As they are leaving the hotel, Dr. Sora happens to see Seung-hi and In-ho walking closely together and getting into a car. Dr. Roy Kim, who is parked outside, also sees them.

The next day, Roy Kim finds a moment to talk to In-ho privately. He has a dissatisfied expression on his face. “Stop cheating on your wife!” he says.

In-ho’s anger flares up. “Don’t get involved in other people’s affairs,” he retorts.

Jeong-suk and the other doctors then brief In-ho on the treatment plan for a patient. However, Jeong-suk gives the patient a drug that has negative side effects. In-ho, who is already upset, yells at Jeong-suk. “From now on, you don’t have to come to the hospital. In fact, you don’t have to come back at all. If your head is so empty that you can’t even do something simple, go back to school first.”

After all day, In-ho acts as if Jeong-suk doesn’t exist. When he returns home, Jeong-suk explodes at him. The two argue with emotions that are beyond reason, until Jeong-suk finally tries to control her emotions and express her feelings. “This is my last chance in my life to get out of the bottom of the kitchen in this house. Give me this chance. That’s all I ask.”


The next day, In-ho still treats Jeong-suk as if she doesn’t exist. She is forced to sit alone and cry.

Time passes, and one day, there is a case of a patient who In-ho diagnosed with cancer. However, Jeong-suk believes that what In-ho thinks is cancerous tissue is actually just an abscess. She confirms this because she experienced a similar case during her residency.

When a disagreement arises, the two make a bet. If Jeong-suk is correct and the tissue is an abscess, In-ho will have to allow her to return to the team. However, if she is wrong and the tissue is cancerous, she will immediately resign.

The bet is made, and In-ho immediately orders surgery on the patient. However, the results show that the tissue is not cancerous.

At the same time, In-ho receives a phone call from his youngest daughter, Yi-rang’s, school teacher. Yi-rang is planning to take the entrance exam to the University of the Arts, instead of taking the exam to become a doctor as he has planned. In-ho hurries back to search Yi-rang’s room and finds a large number of hidden drawing tools. He angrily dumps all of her belongings in the middle of the house, waiting for her to return.

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk, who is returning home, meets Dr. Roy Kim. He has a serious expression on his face. “I have something to tell you,” he says. What could it be?

Ep 7 Whose Dream

Before Roy Kim has a chance to reveal the truth to Jeong-suk, In-ho’s mother approaches them. Roy Kim feels awkward and quickly makes an excuse to leave.

Jeong-suk arrives home to find her youngest daughter, Yi-rang, kneeling on the floor. In the foreground are art supplies scattered around. In-ho sits in a chair, frowning in anger. He turns to look at Jeong-suk’s face and asks, “Did you know that Yi-rang was going to take the entrance exam to the Faculty of Fine Arts?”

In-ho is furious. “I’ve been paying for her to take private tutoring for the medical school entrance exam, and she’s been using that money to buy art supplies instead!” he yells. “This is garbage!”

In the midst of this heated confrontation, Yi-rang remains on her knees, overwhelmed by the pressure. Tears stream down her face as she silently listens to her parents quarreling about her life. This is her dream and her future, not something to be decided or defined by her parents.

However, it seems futile. In-ho grabs a garbage bag and starts putting the art supplies into it, declaring them as trash. He then offers Jeong-suk an ultimatum, suggesting that if she wants Yi-rang to pursue her studies in fine arts, she should leave her job at the hospital. But Jeong-suk refuses to comply with his demand. From now on, she asserts that Yi-rang will pursue her dreams independently, with Jeong-suk supporting her in her own way.

I’m Glad You’re Safe

At the hospital, a young patient is filled with frustration and despair after a failed bowel surgery that has left him feeling hopeless about his future, perceiving it as no different from being handicapped. Finally, reaching his breaking point, he decides to end his own life by going up to the hospital rooftop.

Coincidentally, Jeong-suk is walking towards the patient’s room for her regular examination rounds. To her horror, she discovers the young patient missing and a suicide note left behind on the bed. Instantly sensing the gravity of the situation, Jeong-suk quickly calls for emergency assistance and rushes to the rooftop.

On the rooftop, Jeong-suk finds herself kneeling beside the distraught young patient who is contemplating jumping. Desperately, she tries to convince him to reconsider and give up on his decision. As the young man appears to respond and stand up, a sudden and unexpected turn of events unfolds. He takes a leap, and in an instinctive act, Jeong-suk grabs onto his arm, but the momentum and physics of the moment cause them both to fall!

Thankfully, the hospital staff had prepared a large air cushion below, ensuring that both Jeong-suk and the young patient survived the fall without any fatal injuries. The crowd witnessing the dramatic event is left in shock. However, the most stunned individuals are In-ho and Roy Kim.

So Jeong-suk, displaying her usual composure, rises from the air cushion. In a surprising display of emotion, Roy Kim rushes into her arms and expresses relief, saying, “I’m glad you’re safe.” In-ho, who stands there witnessing the scene, is left wide-eyed and shocked by the turn of events.

Ep 8 Reflection

After the incident, where the patient tragically jumped off the building, rumors of a love triangle involving Jeong-suk, Roy Kim, and In-ho quickly spread throughout the hospital.

That evening, Seung-hi invites In-ho to join her and Eun-seo in celebrating Eun-seo’s victory in the National Art Contest. They gather around a table at an upscale restaurant, where Eun-seo unveils some surprising news. She reveals that she has arranged for Yi-rang, In-ho’s daughter, to join them as well.

When Yi-rang arrives and sees her father sitting there, she is taken aback and confused. At that moment, Eun-seo stands up and addresses Yi-rang directly. She shares the truth, stating that they are half-sisters and that their father is the same. The revelation shocks Yi-rang, who quickly flees the restaurant in a state of emotional turmoil. Overwhelmed by her feelings, she finds herself on a pedestrian crossing, where she collapses to her knees and breaks down in tears on the island in the middle of the road.

In-ho rushes back home, anxiously awaiting Yi-rang’s return. When she finally arrives, she confides in her grandmother, revealing, “Grandma, there’s another grandchild.” Grandma listens with a puzzled expression as Yi-rang approaches In-ho and pleads with him, “Please don’t let Mom find out about this.”

Upon hearing the truth from In-ho, his mother is utterly shocked. The realization that her son, his wife, and his mistress are entangled in such a complicated web leaves her speechless and bewildered.

The Reflection in a Mirror

While things may seem temporarily settled, the following day brings a new twist. Jung-min accidentally overhears and witnesses In-ho secretly meeting with Seung-hi, exposing the truth that Seung-hi is In-ho’s other wife.

Jung-min opens up to In-ho, emphasizing once again the importance of keeping their secret hidden from his mother.

However, by sheer chance, Jeong-suk stumbles upon Seung-hi’s Instagram profile. As she scrolls through the photos, she comes across several images of landmarks that strongly suggest Seung-hi and In-ho have been dating. But it is one particular photo that sends a chilling shock through Jeong-suk’s entire body—an image capturing In-ho’s reflection in a mirror. This revelation leaves Jeong-suk trembling with a mix of emotions.

The following day marks Jeong-suk’s birthday. The family gathers for a celebratory dinner at an upscale restaurant. Jeong-suk makes an entrance, wearing a striking black dress that deviates from her usual style. Coincidentally, Seung-hi also arrives at the same restaurant. The three of them find themselves facing each other, tension palpable in the air.

Is this the beginning of the unraveling? Is their world about to collapse into chaos?

Ep 9 Peculiar Behavior

Dressed in a sleek black dress paired with elegant black high-heeled shoes, Jeong-suk enters the restaurant where her birthday party is set to take place. The atmosphere is filled with anticipation, as a beautifully decorated cake and an array of delicious food are arranged on the table. The room is alive with the joyful chatter of her family members, their faces beaming with happiness. However, Jeong-suk stands out amidst the cheerful ambiance, sporting a serene expression devoid of even the slightest hint of a smile.

Consumed by jealousy, Seung-hi hides in the shadows, observing the In-ho family as they joyously celebrate Jeong-suk’s birthday party. Her heart aches with a longing for the love and companionship that she desires for herself and her daughter. After stealing a glimpse of their happiness, Seung-hi slowly retreats, her gaze fixed downward. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she can no longer contain her sorrow, and tears stream down her face, escaping in a cry of anguish.

A Long Awaited Prank

Jeong-suk struggles to maintain her composure, but In-ho cuts the birthday cake for her. She surprises everyone with an unexpected action. She playfully smashes In-ho’s head into the large cake before bursting into laughter. The room falls into a momentary silence as everyone processes the unexpected turn of events. Jeong-suk, still chuckling, breaks the silence and speaks in a relaxed tone, “Consider it a long-awaited prank and a birthday present, hahaha.”

However, despite her outward display of amusement, Jeong-suk cannot fully conceal her true emotions. During the ride back home, she suddenly requests to be dropped off along the way. Lost in her thoughts, she walks home with a distant and preoccupied demeanor.

The following day, Jeong-suk gathers the family and announces her decision to move into the hospital’s medical dormitory. Startled by her declaration, her family members exchange surprised glances.


Meanwhile, Roy Kim notices Jeong-suk’s unease and extends an invitation for her to join him as a medical volunteer. Sensing an opportunity for change, Jeong-suk accepts the offer.

Unbeknownst to Jeong-suk, In-ho observes her peculiar behavior and decides to join as a medical volunteer as well, hoping to reconnect with her. Although it is unusual for In-ho to be involved in such activities, he finds himself growing irritated by Jeong-suk’s increasing intimacy with Roy Kim.

One evening, the volunteer doctors gather for a lively gathering, indulging in food and drinks. In-ho and Roy Kim, in particular, become quite intoxicated and engage in conversation as if they were old friends, setting aside any previous conflicts. In-ho, under the influence of alcohol, becomes boisterous and insists on singing. He grabs the microphone and belts out a song with gusto. However, in a moment of drunken impulsiveness, his eyes catch sight of Jeong-suk passing by, and he loudly exclaims into the microphone, “Honey, come over here!”

Both Jeong-suk and Roy Kim are taken aback, their faces filled with shock and disbelief at the unexpected outburst.

Ep 10 Decide the Future

In a surprising turn of events, In-ho publicly announces his marriage to Jeong-suk, causing a stir throughout the entire hospital.

However, one person who doesn’t seem pleased is So-ra, Jung-min’s girlfriend. She had shown rudeness towards Jeong-suk. But now Jeong-suk is suddenly her boyfriend’s mother. The situation becomes complicated for her.

Meanwhile, In-ho’s mother approaches Seung-hi and implores her to leave In-ho, prompting Seung-hi to contemplate her future. Determined to make a fresh start, she instructs a real estate agent to sell her property in preparation for a move back to America.

That evening, Seung-hi meets In-ho for dinner as usual. However, her expression is devoid of the usual smile. Suddenly, she poses a question, catching In-ho off guard. “Are you considering divorcing your wife?”

In-ho is momentarily stunned, not expecting such a question from Seung-hi. After a few moments of contemplation, he responds, “Well, she [Jeong-suk] hasn’t done anything wrong. No matter how difficult things are, I can’t bring myself to ask for a divorce.”

Seung-hi removes the bracelet that In-ho had given her as a gift and places it on the table. “I believe it’s time for us to make a decision. We can no longer continue living like this.” With those words, she promptly walks away, leaving In-ho behind.

Later, Yi-rang and Eun-seo get into a heated argument that escalates into a physical altercation. Yi-rang ends up injuring Eun-seo, causing her to require a cast on her wrist. Concerned for Eun-seo’s well-being, Seung-hi and In-ho rush to the hospital to see her. It is during this visit that Jeong-suk, who had been secretly following them, discovers the truth. The revelation pains her heart.

Laughter in the Rain

Jeong-suk sits alone on a bench in front of the hospital, feeling a deep sadness. Dr. So-ra happens to walk by and invites her to take a ride in an open-top sports car to enjoy the breeze. So-ra notices Jeong-suk’s discomfort regarding In-ho’s infidelity and remarks, “It must be hard for you, knowing about In-ho and Seung-hi.”

Just as the conversation unfolds, rain suddenly pours down. So-ra reaches for the car’s controls to close the roof, but despite her efforts, it won’t budge. She confesses that this is the first time she has opened the roof and now realizes it cannot be closed. This light-hearted moment prompts Jeong-suk to laugh, finding solace in the amusing situation. The two of them endure the rain together, eventually getting drenched but finding a brief respite from their troubles.

Ep 11 You Guys Are Insane!

After having fun driving a convertible through the rain, Jeong-suk and So-ra return to the medical dormitory. So-ra comforts Jeong-suk, who is feeling down about her family life. Jeong-suk confesses that she has always known about Jung-min, her son’s relationship with So-ra, and admits that they are well-suited to each other.

The next day, Jeong-suk comes to work with a fierce look in her eyes. She calls Seung-hi and In-ho into Seung-hi’s office. In-ho sits down like a scalded dog, while the two women stare at each other. Jeong-suk breaks the silence by asking Seung-hi, “I already know everything. But is your daughter also In-ho’s?”

Seung-hi replies stiffly, “Yes.”

In fact, twenty years ago, In-ho went to America for medical training. Seung-hi was working as an intern at the same hospital. The couple met by chance and had an affair. When In-ho returned to Korea, Seung-hi gave birth to a daughter, Eun-seo, and lived as a single mother in America. Three years ago, Seung-hi returned to Korea and started working at the same hospital as In-ho, which brought them back together.

Two Wrongs

Seung-hi explains that she has always felt that Jeong-suk was wrong, too. When they were in high school, Seung-hi was dating In-ho. But on the day of a field trip, Jeong-suk and In-ho hooked up and Jeong-suk became pregnant. Seung-hi felt that Jeong-suk had stolen her boyfriend. But she chose to keep quiet because she saw the child that was about to be born. In Seung-hi’s point of view, both she and Jeong-suk were wrong.

Jeong-suk listens to the two of them recount their love stories with disgust. She gives Seung-hi an ultimatum: “Leave this hospital. I’ll give you a month.”

Then Jeong-suk turns to In-ho with a look of death in her eyes. “You might as well act like you’re dead now. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with you.”

Jeong-suk’s fury grows even more when she learns from In-ho that everyone in the family knew about his affair! “You bastard, spend the rest of your life paying karma to your children!” she yells at him, her anger turning into tears.


Jeong-suk returns to the medical dormitory as usual. But what’s not normal is that the dormitory’s electrical system shorts out in the middle of the night. The dormitory quickly catches fire. In-ho sees this and goes through smoke and fire to carry Jeong-suk from the building. He acts like a superhero, but Jeong-suk doesn’t care at all. She just gives him a cold look.

Now Jeong-suk has no address, no place to bathe, and no place to sleep. So-ra advises her to go live with Roy Kim, who has opened a house for rent to help people who have nowhere else to go. Jeong-suk and So-ra move in with Roy Kim.

When In-ho sees his wife living with another man, he loses it. He spends the whole day harassing Roy Kim, until they finally fight in the middle of the hospital like children. Jeong-suk is horrified. “You guys are insane!” she yells.

Ep 12 Misdiagnosis

Jeong-suk, feeling overwhelmed by the fight between In-ho and Roy Kim, shouts at them and demands that they meet on the rooftop. There, she reprimands them, taking on the role of a mother teaching her young sons.

Seung-hi arranges another private meeting with Jeong-suk to confirm that she has no intention of resigning but instead asks Jeong-suk to resign. “I can’t stand your face. I’m annoyed just by seeing you all day long,” Seung-hi expresses her anger towards Jeong-suk. She rolls her eyes at Jeong-suk before stomping away, leaving Jeong-suk nervous and feeling the weight of retaliation.

On the same day, Seung-hi confronts In-ho, pressing him for clarification. She wants him to divorce Jeong-suk. However, In-ho’s answer surprises her—he chooses to break up with Seung-hi instead of divorcing Jeong-suk.

Unable to contain her emotions, Seung-hi breaks down in tears and screams loudly in frustration, like a person pushed to the brink. “Damn it, you heartless bastard!”


Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jung-min, exhausted from his duties, makes a misdiagnosis that results in a patient’s condition worsening. The patient has to undergo surgery later than necessary and ultimately dies. Filled with guilt, Jung-min blames himself for the tragic outcome.

During the funeral, Jeong-suk pays her respects to the deceased, even enduring curses from the grieving family members. She bows her head, listening to the curses with tears in her eyes, understanding the pain of losing a loved one. Especially when the loss is caused by a doctor’s mistake.

Jeong-sook discusses the issue with In-ho, who agrees to handle the matter himself.

The next day, In-ho calls Jung-min for a conversation to provide support and understanding. He shares his own experiences as a family doctor, including encountering difficult situations. He emphasizes that the right approach is to admit mistakes and learn from them, ultimately helping those who are still waiting for treatment.

However, In-ho chooses a different path to deflect blame, shifting the responsibility onto Seung-hi. He claims that the deceased patient was admitted under Seung-hi’s department, placing the blame on her.

Enraged by this accusation, Seung-hi engages in a heated argument with In-ho in the middle of the hospital. She insists that she allowed the resident doctor in her department to call Jung-min for advice, and he confirmed that the patient could be discharged. In contrast, In-ho asserts that the department accepting the admission should be held accountable.

Unexpected Words

Later, Jeong-suk returns home to prepare food offerings for In-ho’s Father’s ceremony, signaling her intention to resume her regular household duties. After sorting things out, Jeong-suk surprises In-ho with unexpected words.

“Let’s get a divorce,” Jeong-suk states firmly. The short statement from Jeong-suk leaves In-ho unconscious, initially making Jeong-suk think he’s joking. But no matter how she calls out to him, In-ho remains still, showing no reaction at all.

Ep 13 Mother in Law

Jeong-suk is shocked to see In-ho lying unconscious on the floor. She quickly reaches for her phone to dial emergency services. As she tries to open In-ho’s eyelids then she realizes that he is faking it. Jeong-suk’s mouth twitches in disgust. She knows that this is all a ploy to get her to change her mind about the divorce.

Despite In-ho’s desperate pleas, Jeong-sook remains resolute in her decision. She announces in front of the entire family that she intends to divorce In-ho. The decision is undoubtedly difficult, but Jeong-suk knows it is a tearful yet necessary step to move forward in her life. She embraces her two children, Jung-min and Yi-rang, who understand and support their mother’s choice. That night, Jeong-suk cries alone, hoping it will be the last time she sheds tears for this situation.

In the aftermath of the divorce request, In-ho loses his balance. He is unable to focus on his work or even maintain consciousness to properly care for his patients. Throughout the day, he sits absent-mindedly, breathing in and out, unable to think clearly. In-ho spots Jung-min passing by and asks his son to help him talk to Jeong-suk, but Jung-min refuses.

In the midst of her busy day, Jeong-suk receives a message from In-ho: “Today the weather is nice. It makes me miss you.” She smirks at the absurdity of In-ho’s message.

Too Late

Later, In-ho sends a large bouquet of flowers to Jeong-suk, accompanied by a note stating that he will name her as a co-owner of their house. Jeong-suk rushes over, holding the bouquet, and confronts In-ho while yelling at him, “It’s too late!”

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk notices that her mother’s health has been deteriorating lately—she struggles to eat, sleep, and has lost weight. Concerned for her mother, Jeong-suk advises her to be admitted to the hospital.

The following day, Jeong-suk’s mother arrives at the hospital to be admitted, and to her surprise, the attending doctor is Seung-hi. Jeong-suk’s face shows hesitation as she realizes that all the doctors in the hospital are indirectly linked to Seung-hi, the woman who played a role in causing her divorce. Unbeknownst to her mother, who admires Seung-hi as a good doctor, it is Seung-hi who has indirectly caused Jeong-suk to separate from her husband.

On the other hand, In-ho remains relentless in his pursuit of reconciliation and devises a new plan: involving their mothers. He believes that if his mother-in-law supports him, the chances of success will increase.

At a luxurious restaurant, Jeong-suk, her mother, In-ho, and his mother gather for a meal. Unexpectedly, In-ho’s mother encounters the man she is dating, who happens to be dining with his wife. Enraged, she erupts in anger, causing a scene.

However, amidst the chaos, the Man’s wife inadvertently blurts out, “Isn’t this your son [In-ho] who had an affair and secretly took his child [Eun-seo] to America?” Jeong-suk’s mother gasps in shock upon hearing this revelation.

Meanwhile, Seung-hi happens to witness all the unfolding events, adding further complexity to the already chaotic situation.

Ep 14 True Happiness

Jeong-suk’s mother is stunned when she discovers that In-ho has been having an affair, and she is even more shocked to realize that everyone knew about it. In the midst of the unfolding chaos, In-ho notices the tense atmosphere and quickly suggests to Seung-hi and Eun-seo that they eat at another restaurant to prevent the situation from escalating further.

At the hospital, Jeong-suk feels uneasy knowing that Seung-hi is her mother’s doctor. She fears that personal feelings might influence the treatment. However, one day, Jeong-suk accidentally stumbles upon Seung-hi’s office and discovers documents revealing that Seung-hi has been diligently working to find the cause of her mother’s illness. Seung-hi even sought consultation from a respected medical professor in America. Eventually, Jeong-suk’s mother is diagnosed with PM&R (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation).

Dr. Cha Jeong-suk expresses her gratitude to Seung-hi for taking care of her mother, saying, “Thank you for treating my mother. But that doesn’t mean I will forgive you.” Jeong-suk chooses not to forgive, but she decides to express her thanks instead.

Live for yourself

After completing the treatment, Jeong-suk’s mother expresses her gratitude to Seung-hi and leaves her a letter. In the letter, she writes, “…Don’t waste your chance to be a good person and a good mother. From now on, live a dignified life for yourself. Only then will you find true happiness.”

As Seung-hi reads the letter, tears stream down her face. It becomes the moment when she truly understands that she needs to let go of In-ho. She must let go of her first love, her true love, and her only love. She decides to return to America with Eun-seo and live her life with grace.

Jeong-suk proceeds to submit divorce papers to In-ho, but he stubbornly responds, “No, if you want a divorce, go ahead and file a lawsuit.” He is willing to do anything to avoid a divorce, even if it means relinquishing all his assets.

The next day, In-ho receives a subpoena for the divorce case, leaving him bewildered. The court summons came quickly because Jeong-suk anticipated In-ho’s unwillingness to accept the divorce. She had already filed for divorce in advance.

Later that day, at the hospital, In-ho poses a question to Jeong-suk that prompts her to scoff at his shallowness. “Is your desire for a divorce because of Roy Kim?” Jeong-suk chooses not to answer but smirks at the notion of such a baseless thought.

Run Roy Run

Later, Roy Kim shares the good news with Jeong-suk that he has found his biological father. Jeong-suk expresses joy as if it were her own family, prompting Roy Kim to invite her to meet his father together. Though it feels peculiar, Jeong-suk agrees.

Several days later, Roy Kim and Jeong-suk travel to meet his family. However, everything takes an unexpected turn. It turns out that Roy Kim’s father needs a bone marrow transplant due to being diagnosed with acute leukemia. The family that had been sought for ten years turns out to be disappointing.

On their way back, Jeong-suk notices Roy Kim’s weary appearance. She suggests they run instead of taking a taxi. The two of them buy sneakers and run back to the hospital, covering a distance of 9.8 kilometers with a joyful smile.

Things seem to be going well—the mother has recovered, family problems have been resolved through divorce, and the tension between Jeong-suk and Seung-hi has lessened. Dr. Cha Jeong-suk has even been selected as the best resident doctor in her department. However, it seems Murphy’s Law is about to come into play.

Jeong-suk goes to the bathroom, but as she bends down to wash her hands, she suddenly feels dizzy and coughs up blood!

Ep 15 Shocking News

After coughing up blood, Jeong-suk rushes to consult with Dr. Roy Kim. Upon examining the results of the CT scan, he delivers worrisome news. The symptoms are more severe than expected—there is an excessive amount of ascites, a weakened liver, vein edema, and fluid in the pleura. Roy Kim diagnoses Jeong-suk with end-stage liver disease, indicating the need for a liver transplant. Jeong-suk’s face turns red with shock upon hearing the sudden bad news.

300 Million Won

Meanwhile, In-ho’s mother discovers that she has fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme, resulting in substantial financial losses. To make matters worse, the invested funds turn out to be borrowed hot money.

In-ho is furious, and steam seems to emit from his ears. Learning that his mother has lost over 300 million won (approximately 230,000 USD) to scammers, along with the borrowed money, he realizes the gravity of the situation. In order to repay the debt, his mother is forced to sell the building that was registered under Jeong-suk’s name to evade taxes.

In-ho desperately pleads with Jeong-suk for assistance, but her response is firm: “No… Why should I help someone who deceived me?” Jeong-suk smirks triumphantly, as the building was rightfully in her name. She intends to exercise her rights to the fullest extent, without any consideration for In-ho’s circumstances.

Being in debt feels like having a knife held against one’s throat, and In-ho’s mother struggles desperately to find the money to repay her debts. Left with no other options, she turns to In-ho and requests a loan of 300 million won from Seung-hi.

What’s even more surprising is that In-ho actually goes to Seung-hi to borrow money. Despite the way he treated her, he still has the audacity to ask for financial assistance. Unbeknownst to In-ho, Jeong-suk had already informed the realtor that the building would be sold. She did so out of her concern for In-ho’s difficult situation, always prioritizing her family’s well-being, regardless of the circumstances.

Characteristic Grace

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Dr. Cha sheds tears when Roy Kim announces his intention to donate his liver. She is deeply moved by his kindness, especially considering her close brush with death. Despite spending twenty years together, someone like In-ho has never made such a selfless offer.

Meanwhile, In-ho receives news about Jeong-suk’s illness. This time, his emotions are in stark contrast to the past. Suddenly, a sense of awareness that had been absent for twenty years awakens within him. In-ho’s tears flow uncontrollably as he realizes it is time for him to take action and repay his kind-hearted wife.

The following day, In-ho kneels in front of Jeong-suk in the patient’s room. His tears continue to stream down his face as he expresses his intention to donate his liver to her. He sincerely wants to do what is right. However, Jeong-suk responds with her characteristic grace: “It’s not your fault or anyone else’s fault that I find myself in this situation. It’s because I failed to take proper care of myself. It’s a destiny I must face.”

Seung-hi visits Jeong-suk to offer a heartfelt apology for their past conflicts. It appears that the animosity between them has completely dissipated.

At a large motorcycle shop, In-ho confronts Roy Kim. The two engage in a heated argument about who should have the right to donate their liver to Jeong-suk. Amidst this intense debate, Jeong-suk makes a dramatic entrance, dressed as a cool biker girl in black leather. Now, she must make the crucial decision of choosing whose liver she will accept.

Jeong-suk pretends to contemplate for a moment before pointing her finger at…

Ep 16 Immense Happiness (Finale)

Jeong-suk points her finger towards one of the parked choppers, selecting that motorcycle as her choice. With determination in her eyes, she decides to take matters into her own hands and announces that she will not accept anyone’s liver, be it Roy Kim’s or In-ho’s. A sense of liberation fills her as she takes a seat on the back of the motorcycle, joining Roy Kim as he revs the engine and embarks on a thrilling ride.

In the patient’s room, Jeong-suk remains under treatment, her condition still critical. Roy Kim’s worry for her intensifies, knowing that she is at risk of acute liver failure at any moment. He passionately urges her to accept his liver donation, emphasizing that waiting for a deceased donor might be too late. However, Jeong-suk stands firm in her decision to wait. Despite the urgency, she remains resolute in her belief that the right opportunity will come in due time.

Jeong-sook returns home and takes care of the household chores, ensuring everything is clean and tidy. Afterwards, she sits down to write heartfelt letters to her two children. Tears stream down her face as she pours her emotions into the handwritten words, realizing that this may be her final gift to them.

In the meantime, In-ho decides to present Jeong-suk with divorce papers as a gesture of remorse for his past actions. He hopes that she will accept his liver donation without hesitation, even if they go their separate ways. “Let’s proceed with the surgery. Even if we part ways, I still want to see you as the mother of our children,” he expresses.

Seung-hi visits In-ho to bid farewell. Having already submitted her resignation letter to the hospital, she plans to take on her late father’s position as the hospital manager. She leaves open the possibility of meeting again, perhaps as Eun-seo’s father.

The day of the surgery arrives, and In-ho is a mixture of excitement and fear. However, unlike before, he doesn’t run away this time. On the other hand, Jeong-suk appears calm, possibly because this is her second liver operation.

The surgery is successful, and afterward, they proceed with the divorce proceedings in accordance with the legal process. They then sit down to share a meal together. Jeong-suk congratulates In-ho on his promotion to the youngest hospital director in history.

Before parting ways, In-ho expresses his gratitude and apologizes to Jeong-suk. “Thank you for everything you’ve done as a wife and a mother to our children. You’ve been flawless.” The two shake hands before walking their separate paths.

In-ho returns to his grand and luxurious office as the hospital director. As he sits down, he envisions Jeong-suk walking in with their children, congratulating him on his achievement. However, the reality is starkly different—his surroundings are empty, and he feels a profound emptiness and sheds tears.

Roy Kim meets Jeong-suk and musters the courage to confess his true feelings. “Can I spend the rest of my life by your side? I’ve always had feelings for you, Dr. Cha.” Jeong-suk smiles at Roy Kim’s love for her but declines his offer. She has chosen to live as herself from now on.

Jeong-suk embarks on a new chapter of her life, opening a salad shop on the first floor and a small clinic on the second floor, where she treats patients as a family physician. Doctor Cha Jeong-suk’s life is now filled with immense happiness.

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk learns that Roy Kim is dating someone else. She feels indifferent, understanding that it is how things should be.

In the end, Jeong-suk decides to live a solitary life, finding freedom and contentment in her independence. The joy of being free brings her a happiness she had never experienced before—a sense of fulfillment that fills the void of her teenage years.

The End

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