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Doctor Cha Episode 5 Recap: Condition That Cannot Be Denied

Doctor Cha Episode 5 Recap: Condition That Cannot Be Denied

Previously on Doctor Cha: Jeong-suk was performing CPR on a patient. She was focused and determined to save the patient’s life. However, she glanced over and saw In-ho and Seung-hi looking at each other with smiles. Jeong-suk’s heart skipped a beat. She saw Seung-hi’s bracelet, which was a gift from In-ho. The sight of the bracelet made Jeong-suk lose her focus. She accidentally put her hand on the patient while the defibrillator was working. Jeong-suk immediately fainted.

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Doctor Cha episode 5 recap: Rumors surrounding Jeong-suk and In-ho’s relations arise. After Seung-hi puts her through the ringer, Jeong-suk wonders if she’s cut out for the job.

Seeing Jeong-suk collapse as if from an electric shock, In-ho rushes to her side. Seung-hi, witnessing the traumatic scene, feels hurt. She takes off the bracelet that In-ho had bought her and puts it away in a drawer at her desk.

A short while later, Jeong-suk regains consciousness. The first thing she does is look at Seung-hi’s wrist. But this time, the bracelet is gone. “My eyes must have been playing tricks on me,” she thinks.

That night, In-ho brings Jeong-suk a diamond bracelet for her birthday. Jeong-suk is so happy that she almost cries. This is the first gift she has ever received from her husband in over twenty years of marriage. In-ho takes this opportunity to convince Jeong-suk to leave the hospital and take care of their youngest daughter, who is about to take her university entrance exams. Jeong-suk reluctantly agrees, as she has been neglecting their daughter lately and they have been arguing frequently.

The Diamond Bracelet

Later that night, at the hospital, Seung-hi accidentally sees the diamond bracelet on Jeong-suk’s wrist. A look of intense jealousy flashes across her face. That night, she arranges to meet with In-ho.

“How dare you buy the same bracelet for both of them?” Seung-hi yells, throwing the expensive diamond bracelet at In-ho. “Do you want me to wear a bracelet like your wife?!”

It takes In-ho a long time to explain that he had to buy Jeong-suk the bracelet, and he promises to buy Seung-hi another present. But what Seung-hi really wants is for him to break up with Jeong-suk. However, that is something that will never happen, no matter how many years pass.

The story is even more complicated. The same night, Seung-hi argues with her teenage daughter, Eun-seo. Eun-seo feels inferior because she has a mother who is a mistress. She has a father, but she cannot call him “Dad.”

It turns out that Eun-seo, Seung-hi’s daughter, is best friends with Yi-rang, Jeong-suk’s daughter. Both girls have the same father, In-ho!

Since then, Seung-hi has been looking for ways to get Jeong-suk out of the hospital. She deliberately gives Jeong-suk all the worst tasks, such as searching for information in the library, writing minutes of meetings, providing information for meetings, and typing theses. Even though the work is heavy, Jeong-suk keeps her head down and does it without complaining.

However, the hard work is starting to take a toll on Jeong-suk. Her liver enzymes are elevated, and Dr. Roy Kim recommends that she work less and take better care of herself.

The VIP Patient

In the midst of all the problems she is facing, Jeong-suk goes to see In-ho at his office and tells him that she is going to resign and take care of her daughter.

In-ho is overjoyed. He immediately calls Seung-hi to tell her the good news. They both smile with relief, knowing that the thorn in their side is finally gone.

However, their happiness is short-lived. A message is sent to all the doctors, informing them that the director has called an urgent meeting. The director specifically mentions that Doctor Cha Jeong-suk is required to attend.

At the meeting, the VIP patient who was treated by Jeong-suk stands up and announces that he is donating 10 billion won (approximately $8 million) to the hospital. The only condition is that Jeong-suk must continue to work at the hospital. He says, “If the hospital loses this person, I will demand all of the money back.”

After the VIP patient speaks, everyone in the conference room stands up and applauds. Jeong-suk smiles from ear to ear.

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