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Doctor Cha Episode 6 Recap: Secret

Doctor Cha Episode 6 Recap: Secret

Previously on Doctor Cha: After facing many challenges, Jeong-suk decided to resign from the hospital to return home and take care of her youngest daughter, who is about to take university entrance exams. However, her plans took a sudden turn when a VIP patient donated 10 billion won to the hospital on the condition that Jeong-suk continues to work there.

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Doctor Cha episode 6 recap: Roy Kim sees In-ho walking out of a hotel with Seung-hi. He decides to go to Jeong-suk to tell her what he saw.

That night, Seung-hi invites In-ho to meet her at a hotel after dinner. However, In-ho acts strangely, sitting on the sofa in the hotel room with a distorted expression on his face. Even though Seung-hi invites him to be intimate, he finally confesses that he has been losing a lot of hair lately, so he has been taking Finasteride, which has a side effect of making him impotent. Seung-hi laughs uncontrollably. “So tonight, let’s just hold hands and go to sleep,” she says.

As they are leaving the hotel, Dr. Sora happens to see Seung-hi and In-ho walking closely together and getting into a car. Dr. Roy Kim, who is parked outside, also sees them.

The next day, Roy Kim finds a moment to talk to In-ho privately. He has a dissatisfied expression on his face. “Stop cheating on your wife!” he says.

In-ho’s anger flares up. “Don’t get involved in other people’s affairs,” he retorts.

Jeong-suk and the other doctors then brief In-ho on the treatment plan for a patient. However, Jeong-suk gives the patient a drug that has negative side effects. In-ho, who is already upset, yells at Jeong-suk. “From now on, you don’t have to come to the hospital. In fact, you don’t have to come back at all. If your head is so empty that you can’t even do something simple, go back to school first.”

After all day, In-ho acts as if Jeong-suk doesn’t exist. When he returns home, Jeong-suk explodes at him. The two argue with emotions that are beyond reason, until Jeong-suk finally tries to control her emotions and express her feelings. “This is my last chance in my life to get out of the bottom of the kitchen in this house. Give me this chance. That’s all I ask.”

The next day, In-ho still treats Jeong-suk as if she doesn’t exist. She is forced to sit alone and cry.

Time passes, and one day, there is a case of a patient who In-ho diagnosed with cancer. However, Jeong-suk believes that what In-ho thinks is cancerous tissue is actually just an abscess. She confirms this because she experienced a similar case during her internship.

When a disagreement arises, the two make a bet. If Jeong-suk is correct and the tissue is an abscess, In-ho will have to allow her to return to the team. However, if she is wrong and the tissue is cancerous, she will immediately resign.

The bet is made, and In-ho immediately orders surgery on the patient. However, the results show that the tissue is not cancerous.

At the same time, In-ho receives a phone call from his youngest daughter, Yi-rang’s, school teacher. Yi-rang is planning to take the entrance exam to the University of the Arts, instead of taking the exam to become a doctor as he has planned. In-ho hurries back to search Yi-rang’s room and finds a large number of hidden drawing tools. He angrily dumps all of her belongings in the middle of the house, waiting for her to return.

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk, who is returning home, meets Dr. Roy Kim. He has a serious expression on his face. “I have something to tell you,” he says. What could it be?

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