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Doctor Cha Episode 7 Recap: Whose Dream?

Doctor Cha Episode 7 Recap: Whose Dream?

Previously on Doctor Cha: Jeong-suk has begun to suspect that In-ho is having an affair with Seung-hi. She has noticed that they seem to be more than just friends. One day, Roy Kim, rushes to her to tell her that he saw.

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Doctor Cha episode 7 recap: Jeong-suk clashes with In-ho about their daughter. Seung-hi confronts Roy about his recent discovery.

Doctor Cha Episode 7 Recap: Whose Dream?

Before Roy Kim has a chance to reveal the truth to Jeong-suk, In-ho’s mother approaches them. Roy Kim feels awkward and quickly makes an excuse to leave.

Jeong-suk arrives home to find her youngest daughter, Yi-rang, kneeling on the floor. In the foreground are art supplies scattered around. In-ho sits in a chair, frowning in anger. He turns to look at Jeong-suk’s face and asks, “Did you know that Yi-rang was going to take the entrance exam to the Faculty of Fine Arts?”

In-ho is furious. “I’ve been paying for her to take private tutoring for the medical school entrance exam, and she’s been using that money to buy art supplies instead!” he yells. “This is garbage!”

In the midst of this heated confrontation, Yi-rang remains on her knees, overwhelmed by the pressure. Tears stream down her face as she silently listens to her parents quarreling about her life. This is her dream and her future, not something to be decided or defined by her parents.

However, it seems futile. In-ho grabs a garbage bag and starts putting the art supplies into it, declaring them as trash. He then offers Jeong-suk an ultimatum, suggesting that if she wants Yi-rang to pursue her studies in fine arts, she should leave her job at the hospital. But Jeong-suk refuses to comply with his demand. From now on, she asserts that Yi-rang will pursue her dreams independently, with Jeong-suk supporting her in her own way.

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I’m Glad You’re Safe

At the hospital, a young patient is filled with frustration and despair after a failed bowel surgery that has left him feeling hopeless about his future, perceiving it as no different from being handicapped. Finally, reaching his breaking point, he decides to end his own life by going up to the hospital rooftop.

Coincidentally, Jeong-suk is walking towards the patient’s room for her regular examination rounds. To her horror, she discovers the young patient missing and a suicide note left behind on the bed. Instantly sensing the gravity of the situation, Jeong-suk quickly calls for emergency assistance and rushes to the rooftop.

On the rooftop, Jeong-suk finds herself kneeling beside the distraught young patient who is contemplating jumping. Desperately, she tries to convince him to reconsider and give up on his decision. As the young man appears to respond and stand up, a sudden and unexpected turn of events unfolds. He takes a leap, and in an instinctive act, Jeong-suk grabs onto his arm, but the momentum and physics of the moment cause them both to fall!

Thankfully, the hospital staff had prepared a large air cushion below, ensuring that both Jeong-suk and the young patient survived the fall without any fatal injuries. The crowd witnessing the dramatic event is left in shock. However, the most stunned individuals are In-ho and Roy Kim.

So Jeong-suk, displaying her usual composure, rises from the air cushion. In a surprising display of emotion, Roy Kim rushes into her arms and expresses relief, saying, “I’m glad you’re safe.” In-ho, who stands there witnessing the scene, is left wide-eyed and shocked by the turn of events.

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