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Doctor Cha Episode 10 Recap: Decide the Future

Doctor Cha Episode 10 Recap: Decide the Future

Previously on Doctor Cha: Jeong-suk was in a difficult situation after learning that In-ho and Seung-hi were having an affair. Later that night, at a medical volunteer party, In-ho was drinking heavily. He suddenly grabbed the microphone and declared that he and Jeong-suk were married.

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Doctor Cha episode 10 recap: A public revelation leaves Jeong-suk in a difficult situation. Seung-hi confronts In-ho about their future and decides to return to America.

In a surprising turn of events, In-ho publicly announces his marriage to Jeong-suk, causing a stir throughout the entire hospital.

However, one person who doesn’t seem pleased is So-ra, Jung-min’s girlfriend. She had shown rudeness towards Jeong-suk. But now Jeong-suk is suddenly her boyfriend’s mother. The situation becomes complicated for her.

Meanwhile, In-ho’s mother approaches Seung-hi and implores her to leave In-ho, prompting Seung-hi to contemplate her future. Determined to make a fresh start, she instructs a real estate agent to sell her property in preparation for a move back to America.

Kim Byung-chul and Myung Se-bin

That evening, Seung-hi meets In-ho for dinner as usual. However, her expression is devoid of the usual smile. Suddenly, she poses a question, catching In-ho off guard. “Are you considering divorcing your wife?”

In-ho is momentarily stunned, not expecting such a question from Seung-hi. After a few moments of contemplation, he responds, “Well, she [Jeong-suk] hasn’t done anything wrong. No matter how difficult things are, I can’t bring myself to ask for a divorce.”

Seung-hi removes the bracelet that In-ho had given her as a gift and places it on the table. “I believe it’s time for us to make a decision. We can no longer continue living like this.” With those words, she promptly walks away, leaving In-ho behind.

Doctor Cha episode 10 recap

Later, Yi-rang and Eun-seo get into a heated argument that escalates into a physical altercation. Yi-rang ends up injuring Eun-seo, causing her to require a cast on her wrist. Concerned for Eun-seo’s well-being, Seung-hi and In-ho rush to the hospital to see her. It is during this visit that Jeong-suk, who had been secretly following them, discovers the truth. The revelation pains her heart.

Jeong-suk sits alone on a bench in front of the hospital, feeling a deep sadness. Dr. So-ra happens to walk by and invites her to take a ride in an open-top sports car to enjoy the breeze. So-ra notices Jeong-suk’s discomfort regarding In-ho’s infidelity and remarks, “It must be hard for you, knowing about In-ho and Seung-hi.”

Doctor Cha episode 10 recap

Just as the conversation unfolds, rain suddenly pours down. So-ra reaches for the car’s controls to close the roof, but despite her efforts, it won’t budge. She confesses that this is the first time she has opened the roof and now realizes it cannot be closed. This light-hearted moment prompts Jeong-suk to laugh, finding solace in the amusing situation. The two of them endure the rain together, eventually getting drenched but finding a brief respite from their troubles.

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