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Doctor Cha Episode 9 Recap: Peculiar Behavior

Doctor Cha Episode 9 Recap: Peculiar Behavior

Previously on Doctor Cha: In-ho and Seung-yi have been having an affair for over 20 years, but their secret has been kept from Jeong-suk, their wife and mother of their two children. However, their secret is about to be revealed.

One day, Jeong-suk accidentally stumbles upon Seung-yi’s Instagram account. She scrolls through the photos, and in one of them, she sees a reflection of In-ho. She is shocked and devastated to learn the truth about her husband’s infidelity.

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Doctor Cha episode 9 recap: Upon learning of In-ho’s secret, Jeong-suk begins acting erratically.

Dressed in a sleek black dress paired with elegant black high-heeled shoes, Jeong-suk enters the restaurant where her birthday party is set to take place. The atmosphere is filled with anticipation, as a beautifully decorated cake and an array of delicious food are arranged on the table. The room is alive with the joyful chatter of her family members, their faces beaming with happiness. However, Jeong-suk stands out amidst the cheerful ambiance, sporting a serene expression devoid of even the slightest hint of a smile.

Consumed by jealousy, Seung-hi hides in the shadows, observing the In-ho family as they joyously celebrate Jeong-suk’s birthday party. Her heart aches with a longing for the love and companionship that she desires for herself and her daughter. After stealing a glimpse of their happiness, Seung-hi slowly retreats, her gaze fixed downward. Overwhelmed by her emotions, she can no longer contain her sorrow, and tears stream down her face, escaping in a cry of anguish.

Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Byung-chul

Jeong-suk struggles to maintain her composure, but In-ho cuts the birthday cake for her. She surprises everyone with an unexpected action. She playfully smashes In-ho’s head into the large cake before bursting into laughter. The room falls into a momentary silence as everyone processes the unexpected turn of events. Jeong-suk, still chuckling, breaks the silence and speaks in a relaxed tone, “Consider it a long-awaited prank and a birthday present, hahaha.”

However, despite her outward display of amusement, Jeong-suk cannot fully conceal her true emotions. During the ride back home, she suddenly requests to be dropped off along the way. Lost in her thoughts, she walks home with a distant and preoccupied demeanor.

The following day, Jeong-suk gathers the family and announces her decision to move into the hospital’s medical dormitory. Startled by her declaration, her family members exchange surprised glances.

Doctor Cha Episode 9 Recap


Meanwhile, Roy Kim notices Jeong-suk’s unease and extends an invitation for her to join him as a medical volunteer. Sensing an opportunity for change, Jeong-suk accepts the offer.

Unbeknownst to Jeong-suk, In-ho observes her peculiar behavior and decides to join as a medical volunteer as well, hoping to reconnect with her. Although it is unusual for In-ho to be involved in such activities. He finds himself growing irritated by Jeong-suk’s increasing intimacy with Roy Kim.

One evening, the volunteer doctors gather for a lively gathering, indulging in food and drinks. In-ho and Roy Kim, in particular, become quite intoxicated and engage in conversation as if they were old friends, setting aside any previous conflicts. In-ho, under the influence of alcohol, becomes boisterous and insists on singing. He grabs the microphone and belts out a song with gusto. However, in a moment of drunken impulsiveness, his eyes catch sight of Jeong-suk passing by. And he loudly exclaims into the microphone, “Honey, come over here!”

Both Jeong-suk and Roy Kim are taken aback, their faces filled with shock and disbelief at the unexpected outburst.

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