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Doctor Cha Episode 11 Recap: You Guys Are Insane!

Doctor Cha Episode 11 Recap: You Guys Are Insane!

Previously on Doctor Cha: Jeong-suk learned the truth that her husband, In-ho, is having an affair with Seung-hi, a fellow doctor at the hospital. She was heartbroken and didn’t know what to do. She decided to keep it a secret for now, while she figured out how to deal with it.

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Doctor Cha episode 11 recap: Having reached her breaking point. Later, Roy Kim and In-ho lock horns over their complicated emotions.

Doctor Cha Episode 11 Recap: You Guys Are Insane!

After having fun driving a convertible through the rain, Jeong-suk and So-ra return to the medical dormitory. So-ra comforts Jeong-suk, who is feeling down about her family life. Jeong-suk confesses that she has always known about Jung-min, her son’s relationship with So-ra, and admits that they are well-suited to each other.

Uhm Jung-hwa, Kim Byung-chul and Myung Se-bin

The next day, Jeong-suk comes to work with a fierce look in her eyes. She calls Seung-hi and In-ho into Seung-hi’s office. In-ho sits down like a scalded dog, while the two women stare at each other. Jeong-suk breaks the silence by asking Seung-hi, “I already know everything. But is your daughter also In-ho’s?”

Seung-hi replies stiffly, “Yes.”

In fact, twenty years ago, In-ho went to America for medical training. Seung-hi was working as an intern at the same hospital. The couple met by chance and had an affair. When In-ho returned to Korea, Seung-hi gave birth to a daughter, Eun-seo, and lived as a single mother in America. Three years ago, Seung-hi returned to Korea and started working at the same hospital as In-ho, which brought them back together.

Seung-hi explains that she has always felt that Jeong-suk was wrong, too. When they were in high school, Seung-hi was dating In-ho. But on the day of a field trip, Jeong-suk and In-ho hooked up and Jeong-suk became pregnant. Seung-hi felt that Jeong-suk had stolen her boyfriend. But she chose to keep quiet because she saw the child that was about to be born. In Seung-hi’s point of view, both she and Jeong-suk were wrong.

Jeong-suk listens to the two of them recount their love stories with disgust. She gives Seung-hi an ultimatum: “Leave this hospital. I’ll give you a month.”

Then Jeong-suk turns to In-ho with a look of death in her eyes. “You might as well act like you’re dead now. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with you.”

Jeong-suk’s fury grows even more when she learns from In-ho that everyone in the family knew about his affair! “You bastard, spend the rest of your life paying karma to your children!” she yells at him, her anger turning into tears.

Doctor Cha episode 11 recap

Jeong-suk returns to the medical dormitory as usual. But what’s not normal is that the dormitory’s electrical system shorts out in the middle of the night. The dormitory quickly catches fire. In-ho sees this and goes through smoke and fire to carry Jeong-suk from the building. He acts like a superhero, but Jeong-suk doesn’t care at all. She just gives him a cold look.

Now Jeong-suk has no address, no place to bathe, and no place to sleep. So-ra advises her to go live with Roy Kim, who has opened a house for rent to help people who have nowhere else to go. Jeong-suk and So-ra move in with Roy Kim.

Kim Byung-chul, Min Woo-hyuk and Uhm Jung-hwa

When In-ho sees his wife living with another man, he loses it. He spends the whole day harassing Roy Kim, until they finally fight in the middle of the hospital like children. Jeong-suk is horrified. “You guys are insane!” she yells.

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