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Doctor Cha Episode 12 Recap: Misdiagnosis

Doctor Cha Episode 12 Recap: Misdiagnosis

Previously on Doctor Cha: Jeong-suk was furious after learning about her husband In-ho’s affair with Seung-hi. She confronted Seung-hi and gave her a month to resign from the hospital. In the meantime, Roy Kim tried to get closer to Jeong-suk, which only made In-ho more jealous. The two men eventually got into a fight in the hospital, like a pair of children.

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Doctor Cha Episode 12 Recap: Seung-hi urges In-ho to expedite his divorce from Jeong-suk, but to her surprise, In-ho seems to be leaning towards a different choice.

Jeong-suk, feeling overwhelmed by the fight between In-ho and Roy Kim, shouts at them and demands that they meet on the rooftop. There, she reprimands them, taking on the role of a mother teaching her young sons.

Seung-hi arranges another private meeting with Jeong-suk to confirm that she has no intention of resigning but instead asks Jeong-suk to resign. “I can’t stand your face. I’m annoyed just by seeing you all day long,” Seung-hi expresses her anger towards Jeong-suk. She rolls her eyes at Jeong-suk before stomping away, leaving Jeong-suk nervous and feeling the weight of retaliation.

On the same day, Seung-hi confronts In-ho, pressing him for clarification. She wants him to divorce Jeong-suk. However, In-ho’s answer surprises her—he chooses to break up with Seung-hi instead of divorcing Jeong-suk.

Unable to contain her emotions, Seung-hi breaks down in tears and screams loudly in frustration, like a person pushed to the brink. “Damn it, you heartless bastard!”


Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jung-min, exhausted from his duties, makes a misdiagnosis that results in a patient’s condition worsening. The patient has to undergo surgery later than necessary and ultimately dies. Filled with guilt, Jung-min blames himself for the tragic outcome.

During the funeral, Jeong-suk pays her respects to the deceased, even enduring curses from the grieving family members. She bows her head, listening to the curses with tears in her eyes, understanding the pain of losing a loved one. Especially when the loss is caused by a doctor’s mistake.

Jeong-sook discusses the issue with In-ho, who agrees to handle the matter himself.

The next day, In-ho calls Jung-min for a conversation to provide support and understanding. He shares his own experiences as a family doctor, including encountering difficult situations. He emphasizes that the right approach is to admit mistakes and learn from them, ultimately helping those who are still waiting for treatment.

However, In-ho chooses a different path to deflect blame, shifting the responsibility onto Seung-hi. He claims that the deceased patient was admitted under Seung-hi’s department, placing the blame on her.

Enraged by this accusation, Seung-hi engages in a heated argument with In-ho in the middle of the hospital. She insists that she allowed the resident doctor in her department to call Jung-min for advice, and he confirmed that the patient could be discharged. In contrast, In-ho asserts that the department accepting the admission should be held accountable.

Later, Jeong-suk returns home to prepare food offerings for In-ho’s Father’s ceremony, signaling her intention to resume her regular household duties. After sorting things out, Jeong-suk surprises In-ho with unexpected words.

“Let’s get a divorce,” Jeong-suk states firmly. The short statement from Jeong-suk leaves In-ho unconscious, initially making Jeong-suk think he’s joking. But no matter how she calls out to him, In-ho remains still, showing no reaction at all.

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