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The Good Bad Mother Episode 3 Recap: Seven Year Old Man

The Good Bad Mother Episode 3 Recap: Seven Year Old Man

Previously on The Good Bad Mother: Kang-ho became a prosecutor to escape from his mother and the unpleasant pigsty. However, he ended up becoming a corrupt prosecutor, using his position for personal gain and power.

Later, Kang-ho visited Young-soon’s house in the pigsty to sign a document for his legal adoption by Woo-byeok. However, an unexpected accident occurred on his way back.

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The Good Bad Mother episode 3 recap: A shocking accident leaves Kang-ho’s outlook uncertain. Young-soon takes him home and seizes an opportunity for redemption.

Lee Do-hyun and Ra Mi-ran

Young-soon rushes to the hospital to see her son’s condition nervously. She sees Kang-ho lying in a coma and cries out with sorrow until the officers have to take her out to calm down.

The doctor informs Young-soon that Kang-ho has a cerebral edema, including a broken cervical spine resulting in damage to the spinal cord. Which means even if he gains consciousness, he won’t be able to return to his normal life for some time. Although some may see this as bad news, Young-soon sees it as good news that her son is not dead.

The Good Bad Mother episode 3 Kdrama recap

Perfect Accident

Meanwhile, a shocking truth is revealed. MP Oh Tae-soo and Ha-yeong were behind the accident. Ha-yeong secretly put sleeping pills in Kang-ho’s drinking water, causing him to become drowsy. She then took over driving, and at a location without CCTV cameras, she pretended to drop her scarf. As she got out of the car to retrieve it, the truck driver intentionally rammed into their car, causing Kang-ho to lose consciousness and the car to go off the road.

Ha-yeong, despite being an accomplice in her father’s plan to orchestrate Kang-ho’s murder, still feels guilty for the man she loves. The story of that day continues to haunt her.

Months pass, and Kang-ho wakes up with a different condition. The doctor informs Young-soon that most of Kang-ho’s memories are gone, which has made him regress to a seven-year-old mentally.

Young-soon brings her son back home to take care of him. She renovates and modernizes their pigsty house to make it clean and odor-free. However, Kang-ho refuses to eat, which worries his mother. But when he finally speaks, he tells her, “You get sleepy when you’re full. And if you get sleepy, you won’t be able to study.”

These words trigger a flashback in Young-soon’s mind. She realizes that she had been putting too much pressure on her son all this time, even though she thought it was for his own good. She decides to correct her mistakes by doing good deeds to erase the “bad mother” image from Kang-ho’s head. After some convincing, Kang-ho agrees to eat.

Lee Do-hyun and Ra Mi-ran in The Good Bad Mother episode 3

Although he remains bedridden and unable to do anything on his own, one day, Young-soon has a strange idea. She wants Kang-ho to try eating by himself. After several days of practice, Kang-ho is suddenly able to scoop up a spoonful of rice like a miracle. It seems that hunger has the power to move a paralyzed body!

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