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The Good Bad Mother Episode 5 Recap: The Pain

The Good Bad Mother Episode 5 Recap: The Pain

Previously on “The Good Bad Mother”: Kang-ho made a remarkable recovery, although he still relies on a wheelchair due to his lower body not fully functioning. The story progresses as Kang-ho unexpectedly reunites with Mi-joo.

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The Good Bad Mother episode 5 recap: Mi-joo encounters Kang-ho in an unfamiliar state when she returns home. This unexpected encounter triggers painful memories from their past, resurfacing once again.

Lee Do-hyun and Ahn Eun-jin

Mi-joo is taken aback when she sees Kang-ho sitting in a wheelchair. She stands frozen for a few moments before abruptly closing the door and sinking to the ground in shock.

Lee Do-hyun and Ahn Eun-jin in The Good Bad Mother episode 5 Kdrama recap

In a flashback, the story takes us back to a time when Kang-ho and Mi-joo shared a loving relationship. Mi-joo took care of everything, working hard to earn money, doing household chores, and cooking, all to give Kang-ho the time he needed to study for the bar exam. But after he successfully became a prosecutor, as he had planned, he broke up with Mi-joo, claiming that there were things he needed to do that didn’t include her in his plans.

Fateful Night

That same night, Kang-ho returns home with a deep ache in his heart. He can’t understand why seeing Mi-joo’s face brings such intense pain, as there are no memories left to explain it—only a profound sense of loss.

Meanwhile, MP Oh Tae-soo, a presidential candidate, senses that Kang-ho could become a future problem if his memories were to return. Concerned about this potential threat, Oh Tae-soo orders an outsider to deal with Kang-ho.

Lee Do-hyun

On that fateful night, a mysterious figure dressed in black, wearing a helmet to conceal their identity, breaks into Kang-ho’s house while he is alone. Just as the assailant is about to attack Kang-ho, Woo-byeok’s subordinates suddenly appear, coming to Kang-ho’s rescue!

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