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The Good Bad Mother Episode 6 Recap: Terminal Cancer

The Good Bad Mother Episode 6 Recap: Terminal Cancer

Previously on The Good Bad Mother: We learned about the complicated past between Mi-joo and Kang-ho. Mi-joo sacrificed everything for Kang-ho, working to make money, cooking, and doing housework so that he could focus on studying for the bar exam. But when he passed the exam and became a prosecutor, he broke up with her.

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The Good Bad Mother Episode 6 recap: Kang-ho is targeted by an assassin while Mi-joo struggles with her feelings for him.

Woo-byeok had actually instructed his subordinates to find crucial evidence on Kang-ho. However, by a stroke of coincidence, it happened to be the exact moment when the assassin sent by Oh Tae-soo arrived. Startled upon seeing Woo-byeok’s subordinates, the assassin hastily retreated in panic.

When Young-soon returns home and finds the house in disarray, she scolds Kang-ho severely. Despite Kang-ho’s attempts to explain the incident, his mother remains skeptical and refuses to believe his words.

The following day, Mi-joo’s mother gives her some savings to use for opening a nail salon. Overjoyed, Mi-joo rushes to the city to secure a rental space for her shop. However, finding an affordable standalone location proves challenging. Fortunately, she encounters a kind-hearted grandmother who suggests using a small corner of her fertilizer store as a space to open a nail salon free of charge.

While in town, Mi-joo accidentally drops her purse. Luckily, Kang-ho notices and retrieves it, returning her wallet. As they meet again, Mi-joo can’t hide her awkward expression upon seeing Kang-ho in his current state.

Ahn Eun-jin and Lee Do-hyun

That night, Kang-ho visits Seo-jin and Ye-jin at their home and is invited to join them for a meal. He wonders how Mi-joo knows that he dislikes carrots. Mi-joo evades the question, explaining that they had attended the same school and were friends. Kang-ho smiles innocently and replies, “Oh, that’s why. That’s why I’ve always missed you.”

Those words alone trigger a flood of memories from Kang-ho’s childhood, awakening his seven-year-old self. However, this revelation causes a tumultuous wave of emotions in Mi-joo’s heart. She must make an effort to suppress her feelings and prevent tears from falling.

The next day, Young-soon suddenly faints and collapses. Upon regaining consciousness, she receives devastating news from the doctor—that she has terminal stomach cancer.

Ra Mi-ran

Overwhelmed, Young-soon falls to her knees in front of the doctor, unable to fully grasp the reality of the situation. She is consumed by the thought of having a son to take care of, making this news even more difficult to accept.

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