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The Good Bad Mother Episode 7 Recap: Epidemic

The Good Bad Mother Episode 7 Recap: Epidemic

Previously on The Good Bad Mother: Young-soon’s world was turned upside down when she learned that she had terminal stomach cancer. She fell to her knees and cried uncontrollably. She couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her son, Kang-ho, behind.

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The Good Bad Mother Episode 7 recap: Young-soon is filled with deep concern upon discovering her terminal cancer diagnosis. However, fate continues to weave its intricate web of events.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 7 Recap: Epidemic

Young-soon becomes aware that she won’t be able to care for Kang-ho for much longer. She starts teaching him to become self-reliant, including the skills of pig farming and selling pigs to traders.

Unfortunately, the misfortune continues. As per the epidemic prevention law, the authorities order the slaughter of all pigs on Young-soon’s farm due to the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease at nearby goat farms. The law mandates the extermination of all animals within a 3-kilometer radius.

Young-soon’s hopes crumble entirely. She is left with nothing. That night, she slumps against the wall of the pigsty, where not a single pig remains.

The next morning, Young-soon hurriedly goes to a fertilizer shop and purchases weed killers. She then takes Kang-ho to her father’s grave, as if bidding farewell.

Meanwhile, Mi-joo opens her nail salon at the fertilizer shop. She overhears the store owner complaining about Young-soon purchasing weed killer, something she had never done before. Realizing that Young-soon must be in a troubled state of mind, Mi-joo promptly leaves the shop to find Young-soon and Kang-ho.

Mi-joo scolds Young-soon, pretending to have weed killer in her bag, and asks Kang-ho to stay with her for a while to prevent Young-soon from doing anything harmful. Young-soon gazes into Mi-joo’s eyes and reluctantly agrees.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 7

Later, Young-soon uses her savings to cover the monthly expenses at a recovery and rehabilitation center, ensuring that Kang-ho will be taken care of while she is away. Kang-ho tearfully laments being left alone.

When Young-soon returns home, she writes a suicide note and prepares to end her own life by hanging. As her body struggles before death, Kang-ho, using his hands to maneuver his wheelchair, escapes from the sanatorium and reaches home. There, he discovers his mother hanging from a rope tied to a rafter. Kang-ho maneuvers his wheelchair closer and embraces his mother’s legs.

Then, a miraculous event occurs. Kang-ho finds the strength in his legs to lift his mother up, keeping her alive. His legs are suddenly functioning again, defying all odds.

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