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The Good Bad Mother Episode 8 Recap: Behind the Picture

The Good Bad Mother Episode 8 Recap: Behind the Picture

Previously on The Good Bad Mother: Injustice befalls the husband as the amnesiac son regresses to a seven-year-old. The eradication of the pigs is officially declared. And amidst it all, Young-Soon learns of her terminal cancer diagnosis. Overwhelmed by the weight of these challenges, Young-Soon contemplates ending her own life, but Kang-Ho arrives just in time to rescue his mother. A miraculous turn of events follows as Young-Soon’s legs regain their functionality.

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The Good Bad Mother Episode 8 recap: Young-Soon exerts tremendous pressure on Kang-Ho, leading to a remarkable development—he regains the ability to walk.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 8 Recap

Young-soon embraces Kang-ho, tears of joy streaming down her face as she sees her son standing on his own again.

In contrast, Kang-ho is disappointed with his mother’s decision to leave him in such a manner. He wheels himself out of the house to meet Mi-joo, sobbing like a child. Mi-joo rushes to comfort him and, upon hearing the story, reassures him that his mother would never abandon him. She explains that there must be underlying reasons for her actions, drawing from her own experience of being inexplicably dumped.

Lee Do-hyun and Ra Mi-ran

From that point onward, Young-soon resolves to confront her problems instead of running away from them. She decides to be a bad mother again, teaching Kang-ho the essential skills for daily life and embarking on the mission to make him walk once more.

Braving the rain, Young-soon pushes Kang-ho in his wheelchair to a puddle and leaves him there without assistance, urging him to use his own legs to save himself from drowning.

Through consistent training and various physical therapy methods, Kang-ho gradually recovers his ability to walk.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 8 Kdrama recap

When the news spreads throughout the village that Kang-ho can walk again, everyone rejoices. A festive celebration is organized at Kang-ho’s house, brimming with happiness. Amidst the festivities, one person watches Kang-ho play with Seo-jin and Ye-jin, tears streaming down her face uncontrollably. That person is Mi-joo. (Are the twins actually Kang-ho’s children?)

With Young-soon managing all the necessary affairs and imparting life skills to Kang-ho, she proceeds to have her own funeral photos taken.

Ra Mi-ran and Lee Do-hyun

That night, Young-soon teaches Kang-ho the rituals and words associated with funerals. The two of them sit together happily, wearing cucumber masks. In a poignant moment, Kang-ho mentions the family photo of his parents and himself as a baby hanging on the wall. His words trigger something in Young-soon’s mind. She opens the frame and discovers a hidden SD card behind the picture!

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