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The Good Bad Mother Episode 9 Recap: SD Card

The Good Bad Mother Episode 9 Recap: SD Card

Previously on The Good Bad Mother: Witnessing Kang-Ho standing on his own two legs, Young-Soon musters the strength to move forward in life, having undergone an arduous journey of physical therapy. Miraculously, Kang-Ho regains his ability to walk. However, the story takes an intriguing turn when Young-Soon discovers an SD card hidden by Kang-Ho prior to his accident.

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The Good Bad Mother EP.9 Recap: Within the SD card lies Kang-Ho’s diary, unraveling the story of his past. As Young-Soon delves into, she is transported back in time, reliving poignant memories that were buried.

Lee Do-hyun and Ra Mi-ran

Young-soon retrieves an SD card and opens it, discovering a file containing Kang-ho’s personal story. From his time at Seoul National University, Kang-ho began to understand why his mother had pushed him to become a prosecutor. It was because society is rife with exploitation, and being a prosecutor with the power of the law was a means of self-protection.

The diary also reveals the tale of his love for Mi-joo, up until his full-time prosecutor days. During that period, Kang-ho used his authority to access his father’s trial report and questioned witnesses in the case. Eventually, he uncovered the truth: Woo-byeok was behind the arson at the pig farm, and his father’s death was a disguised murder. Oh Tae-soo, the prosecutor in charge, had assisted Woo-byeok in evading trial.

Upon learning the truth, Kang-ho devised a plan for revenge. The first step involved Ha-yeong, Oh Tae-soo’s daughter. Reluctantly, he broke up with Mi-joo without providing an explanation.

The story documents Kang-ho’s actions, including the murder of a female secretary involved with Oh Tae-soo, through poisoning and a staged car accident. However, it is revealed that the secretary and her baby were safely sent to the Philippines, making the act less cold-blooded than previously thought. (This means that the cold-blooded murder in Ep 2 didn’t occur.)

The Good Bad Mother Episode 9 Kdrama recap

To summarize the diary’s contents, everything Kang-ho did was driven by his desire for revenge on behalf of his father. Breaking up with Mi-joo and displaying animosity toward his mother were all part of his plan.

As Young-soon reads Kang-ho’s notes, everything falls into place. Tearfully, she embraces her son, understanding the pain of a mother realizing her child had been entangled in a revenge scheme, forcing him to act against his true feelings.

Young-soon heads to the storage room and proceeds to burn all of Kang-ho’s documents, including the SD card. Kang-ho, with only a seven-year-old memory, watches as his mother destroys the stack of papers, wearing a perplexed expression on his face.

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