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Doctor Cha Episode 13 Recap: Mother in Law

Doctor Cha Episode 13 Recap: Mother in Law

Previously on Doctor Cha: Seung-hi unleashed her anger upon Jeong-suk, adamantly refusing to resign herself. However, it was Jeong-suk who ultimately had to step down. Tensions rose, and the situation became even more unpleasant. Seung-hi then coerced In-ho into seeking a divorce from Jeong-suk, only to receive a surprising response. In a shocking turn of events, In-ho chose to end his relationship with Seung-hi instead.

Just as In-ho began to believe that things were finally settling down, Jeong-suk blindsided him with a request for a divorce. Overwhelmed by these unforeseen words, In-ho lost consciousness and collapsed to the ground.

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Doctor Cha Episode 13 Recap: Jeong-suk chooses divorce, while In-ho employs a clever plan involving his mother-in-law.

Doctor Cha Episode 13 Kdrama Recap

Jeong-suk is shocked to see In-ho lying unconscious on the floor. She quickly reaches for her phone to dial emergency services. As she tries to open In-ho’s eyelids then she realizes that he is faking it. Jeong-suk’s mouth twitches in disgust. She knows that this is all a ploy to get her to change her mind about the divorce.

Despite In-ho’s desperate pleas, Jeong-sook remains resolute in her decision. She announces in front of the entire family that she intends to divorce In-ho. The decision is undoubtedly difficult, but Jeong-suk knows it is a tearful yet necessary step to move forward in her life. She embraces her two children, Jung-min and Yi-rang, who understand and support their mother’s choice. That night, Jeong-suk cries alone, hoping it will be the last time she sheds tears for this situation.

Kim Byung-chul and Uhm Jung-hwa

In the aftermath of the divorce request, In-ho loses his balance. He is unable to focus on his work or even maintain consciousness to properly care for his patients. Throughout the day, he sits absent-mindedly, breathing in and out, unable to think clearly. In-ho spots Jung-min passing by and asks his son to help him talk to Jeong-suk, but Jung-min refuses.

In the midst of her busy day, Jeong-suk receives a message from In-ho: “Today the weather is nice. It makes me miss you.” She smirks at the absurdity of In-ho’s message.

Later, In-ho sends a large bouquet of flowers to Jeong-suk, accompanied by a note stating that he will name her as a co-owner of their house. Jeong-suk rushes over, holding the bouquet, and confronts In-ho while yelling at him, “It’s too late!”

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk notices that her mother’s health has been deteriorating lately—she struggles to eat, sleep, and has lost weight. Concerned for her mother, Jeong-suk advises her to be admitted to the hospital.

Myung Se-bin and Uhm Jung-hwa

The following day, Jeong-suk’s mother arrives at the hospital to be admitted, and to her surprise, the attending doctor is Seung-hi. Jeong-suk’s face shows hesitation as she realizes that all the doctors in the hospital are indirectly linked to Seung-hi, the woman who played a role in causing her divorce. Unbeknownst to her mother, who admires Seung-hi as a good doctor, it is Seung-hi who has indirectly caused Jeong-suk to separate from her husband.

On the other hand, In-ho remains relentless in his pursuit of reconciliation and devises a new plan: involving their mothers. He believes that if his mother-in-law supports him, the chances of success will increase.

Doctor Cha Episode 13 Kdrama Recap

At a luxurious restaurant, Jeong-suk, her mother, In-ho, and his mother gather for a meal. Unexpectedly, In-ho’s mother encounters the man she is dating, who happens to be dining with his wife. Enraged, she erupts in anger, causing a scene.

However, amidst the chaos, the Man’s wife inadvertently blurts out, “Isn’t this your son [In-ho] who had an affair and secretly took his child [Eun-seo] to America?” Jeong-suk’s mother gasps in shock upon hearing this revelation.

Meanwhile, Seung-hi happens to witness all the unfolding events, adding further complexity to the already chaotic situation.

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