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Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap: True Happiness

Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap: True Happiness

Previously on Doctor cha: In-Ho was devastated after his wife, Dr. Cha Jeong-suk, asked for a divorce. He tried everything he could think of to win her back, but his efforts only made things worse.

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Doctor Cha Episode 14 Recap: Seung-hi does her best to diagnose and cure Jeong-suk’s mother. While In-ho refuses to give up on marriage.

Jeong-suk’s mother is stunned when she discovers that In-ho has been having an affair, and she is even more shocked to realize that everyone knew about it. In the midst of the unfolding chaos, In-ho notices the tense atmosphere and quickly suggests to Seung-hi and Eun-seo that they eat at another restaurant to prevent the situation from escalating further.

Uhm Jung-hwa and Myung Se-bin

At the hospital, Jeong-suk feels uneasy knowing that Seung-hi is her mother’s doctor. She fears that personal feelings might influence the treatment. However, one day, Jeong-suk accidentally stumbles upon Seung-hi’s office and discovers documents revealing that Seung-hi has been diligently working to find the cause of her mother’s illness. Seung-hi even sought consultation from a respected medical professor in America. Eventually, Jeong-suk’s mother is diagnosed with PM&R (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation).

Dr. Cha Jeong-suk expresses her gratitude to Seung-hi for taking care of her mother, saying, “Thank you for treating my mother. But that doesn’t mean I will forgive you.” Jeong-suk chooses not to forgive, but she decides to express her thanks instead.

Live for yourself

After completing the treatment, Jeong-suk’s mother expresses her gratitude to Seung-hi and leaves her a letter. In the letter, she writes, “…Don’t waste your chance to be a good person and a good mother. From now on, live a dignified life for yourself. Only then will you find true happiness.”

Myung Se-bin

As Seung-hi reads the letter, tears stream down her face. It becomes the moment when she truly understands that she needs to let go of In-ho. She must let go of her first love, her true love, and her only love. She decides to return to America with Eun-seo and live her life with grace.

Uhm Jung-hwa and Kim Byung-chul

Jeong-suk proceeds to submit divorce papers to In-ho, but he stubbornly responds, “No, if you want a divorce, go ahead and file a lawsuit.” He is willing to do anything to avoid a divorce, even if it means relinquishing all his assets.

The next day, In-ho receives a subpoena for the divorce case, leaving him bewildered. The court summons came quickly because Jeong-suk anticipated In-ho’s unwillingness to accept the divorce. She had already filed for divorce in advance.

Later that day, at the hospital, In-ho poses a question to Jeong-suk that prompts her to scoff at his shallowness. “Is your desire for a divorce because of Roy Kim?” Jeong-suk chooses not to answer but smirks at the notion of such a baseless thought.

Min Woo-hyuk and Uhm Jung-hwa

Run Roy Run

Later, Roy Kim shares the good news with Jeong-suk that he has found his biological father. Jeong-suk expresses joy as if it were her own family, prompting Roy Kim to invite her to meet his father together. Though it feels peculiar, Jeong-suk agrees.

Several days later, Roy Kim and Jeong-suk travel to meet his family. However, everything takes an unexpected turn. It turns out that Roy Kim’s father needs a bone marrow transplant due to being diagnosed with acute leukemia. The family that had been sought for ten years turns out to be disappointing.

On their way back, Jeong-suk notices Roy Kim’s weary appearance. She suggests they run instead of taking a taxi. The two of them buy sneakers and run back to the hospital, covering a distance of 9.8 kilometers with a joyful smile.

Uhm Jung-hwa in Doctor Cha Episode 14 Kdrama Recap

Things seem to be going well—the mother has recovered, family problems have been resolved through divorce, and the tension between Jeong-suk and Seung-hi has lessened. Dr. Cha Jeong-suk has even been selected as the best resident doctor in her department. However, it seems Murphy’s Law is about to come into play.

Jeong-suk goes to the bathroom, but as she bends down to wash her hands, she suddenly feels dizzy and coughs up blood!

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