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The Good Bad Mother Episode 11 Recap: Devastating News

The Good Bad Mother Episode 11 Recap: Devastating News

Previously on “The Good Bad Mother”: Young-Soon came to terms with her limited time left to live, prompting her to make arrangements to find a suitable wife for Kang-ho. Her goal was to ensure he wouldn’t return to the prosecutor’s office. However, Kang-ho’s childlike demeanor and appearance made it challenging for him to attract any young woman as a potential spouse.

Meanwhile, feeling compelled to be honest, Mi-joo made the difficult decision to confess to her mother that Kang-ho was the father of her twins. Taking Seo-jin and Ye-jin by the hand, she led them to Kang-ho’s house.

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The Good Bad Mother Episode 11 Recap: Kang-ho receives the devastating news. Mi-joo remains a constant presence by his side, offering support and solace during this challenging period.

Mi-joo brings Seo-jin and Ye-jin to Kang-ho’s house with the intention of revealing the truth about him being their father. However, upon arrival, she discovers Young-soon lying unconscious on the ground. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Mi-joo abandons her plan and rushes Young-soon to the hospital.

Ra Mi-ran, Lee Do-hyun and Ahn Eun-jin

At the hospital, the doctor delivers devastating news to Kang-ho. His mother’s cancer has already spread throughout her body. Overwhelmed with grief upon hearing this heartbreaking update, Mi-joo stands by Kang-ho’s side, providing comfort and support.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 11 Recap

In another unexpected turn of events, Sam-sik accidentally stumbles upon a DNA test and an SD card hidden inside a branded bag that Kang-ho had bought for his mother prior to the accident. The SD card contains an audio recording in which Kang-ho, Woo-byeok, and Oh Tae-soo conspire to kill and cover up the secretary and the baby resulting from Oh Tae-soo’s affair.

Kang-ho listens to the audio file but is unable to recall the events of that day. On the other hand, Sam-sik becomes tempted by the prospect of a significant sum of money and decides to keep the DNA test results and SD card for himself, witnessing large amounts of cash being stacked before him. The voice on the recording happens to be that of a presidential candidate.

Blood and Blackmail

Sam-sik meets Ha-yeong and confronts her with the DNA test results and audio files. He uses this incriminating evidence to blackmail her, demanding a sum of 202 million won (about 153,000 USD). Reluctantly, Ha-yeong agrees to comply with Sam-sik’s demands and agrees to meet him again the following day.

As Sam-sik walks out onto the street, he is suddenly grabbed by a group of strong men and forcefully dragged into a black van. They take him to an abandoned warehouse, where they intimidate him into silence regarding the identity of his employer. Just as a man brandishes a dagger threateningly at Sam-sik’s throat, an unexpected turn of events unfolds once again. Two of Woo-byeok’s subordinates, who had previously assisted Kang-ho, come to Sam-sik’s rescue.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 11

However, these events lead to Ha-yeong opposing her father’s actions. In response, Oh Tae-soo resorts to threatening his own daughter to ensure her silence, revealing that she is also responsible for attempting to kill Kang-ho.

On Ha-yeong’s wedding day, she manages to escape the event. Infuriated by her actions, Oh Tae-soo orders his subordinate to detain her in the hospital until the end of the election. It is during this period that Oh Tae-soo resolves to deal with Kang-ho decisively.

Ra Mi-ran and Lee Do-hyun

That night, as Kang-ho and Young-soon blissfully embrace each other in their bedroom, a fire suddenly breaks out at the pig farm. Both of them rush to the farm, but upon entering, they find themselves locked inside. Kang-ho retrieves a steel object to break the glass and create an exit. He forcefully pushes his mother out to safety, but just as he is about to climb out himself, an explosion occurs within the farm, causing him to be thrown and fall onto an iron grid. The surroundings are engulfed in a blazing inferno.

Kang-ho lies motionless in that state, with memories of the moment he was hit by a truck resurfacing. It remains uncertain whether these memories are triggered by the current events or if they have returned independently.

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