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The Good Bad Mother Episode 12 Recap: Welcome Back

The Good Bad Mother Episode 12 Recap: Welcome Back

Previously on “The Good Bad Mother”: Sam-sik stumbled upon crucial evidence in the form of DNA test results and an SD card, which could prove Oh Tae-soo’s guilt. Driven by greed, he decided to exploit this information for a large sum of money. However, his plans took an unexpected turn, resulting in a violent confrontation instead of the desired financial gain.

In the meantime, Oh Tae-soo noticed a suspicious posture and suspected Kang-ho’s involvement. He wasted no time in commanding his subordinates to take decisive action against Kang-ho. Later that night, a devastating fire broke out at the pig farm, and Kang-ho found himself trapped in the midst of the flames.

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The Good Bad Mother episode 12 recap: Following the tragic pig farm fire, Kang-ho once again experiences a miracle. Mi-joo and Sam-sik join forces to uncover the truth.

Young-soon frantically searches for help to rescue Kang-ho from the blazing pig farm, but no one dares to step forward. Mi-joo, displaying courage, takes immediate action. Seeing this, Sam-sik is inspired to become a hero. He drenches himself with water and bravely breaks through the door to assist Kang-ho, but…

Unexpectedly, it is Kang-ho who emerges, carrying Sam-sik’s body. Thankfully, everyone is safe, although the pigs on the farm have perished in the fire.

The police arrive to investigate the cause of the fire. Sam-sik provides a lead, claiming to have seen a suspected arsonist. Young-soon, who is also under scrutiny, admits that she accidentally started the fire.

Yong-soon fears the repetition of history, recalling the tragic fate that befell her husband in the past. The closer they get to the truth, the greater the danger becomes.

Observing something amiss, Mi-joo confronts Sam-sik to extract the truth. Eventually, she discovers that ‘Oh Tae-soo’ is the mastermind behind it all.

Mi-joo informs Young-soon about Oh Tae-soo, urging her to report it to the police. However, Young-soon refuses, citing her husband’s previous futile pursuit of justice against the pig farm arson. She expresses her desire to prevent a similar tragedy from happening to Kang-ho.

After a brief conversation, Mi-joo reveals the truth to Young-soon: Seo-jin and Ye-jin are Kang-ho’s children. Meanwhile, lying on a sickbed, Kang-ho overhears everything.

Subsequently, Kang-ho is arrested by the police as a murder suspect in the case involving Oh Tae-soo’s secretary. However, during the investigation, Kang-ho suddenly feigns insanity, causing chaos. The officers reluctantly agree to release him due to his apparent aphasia.

Memories Come Back

The floodgates of memories open within Kang-ho that night at home. Young-soon senses the change and joyously exclaims, “My son has returned! I’ve been waiting for you for so long… I apologize for ever doubting you.” The two embrace tightly, tears of happiness streaming down their faces.

Kang-ho’s memories have fully resurfaced.

He confides in his mother, declaring his determination to carry out his plan. For now, he insists that no one must know about his regained memory.

Kang-ho pays a visit to Mi-joo, revealing that his memories have returned. However, he implores her to keep it a secret until he fulfills his mission.

In an astonishing turn of events, Mi-joo stumbles upon a video clip recorded by Ye-jin on her phone. The footage captures Ha-yeong discreetly tampering with a water bottle. Suspecting it to contain a sleeping pill intended for Kang-ho, Mi-joo seeks assistance from Sam-sik.

Though they are unable to meet Ha-yeong, they receive information that she has been confined to a hospital by Oh Tae-soo.

Meanwhile, as Kang-ho’s memories resurface, he ventures out to gather evidence to convict Oh Tae-soo of murder. His search leads him to a raw fish shop owner, a crucial witness in his pursuit of justice.

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