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Doctor Cha Episode 15 Recap: Shocking News

Doctor Cha Episode 15 Recap: Shocking News

Previously on Doctor Cha: Jeong-suk initiated divorce proceedings with the court, but In-ho adamantly refused to comply. Meanwhile, Dr. Cha’s life seemed to be on the upswing until an unexpected interruption occurred while she was using the restroom – she began coughing up blood!

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Doctor Cha Episode 15 Recap: Jeong-suk is confronted with a startling revelation about her health. Simultaneously, she receives unexpected news from two significant men in her life.

After coughing up blood, Jeong-suk rushes to consult with Dr. Roy Kim. Upon examining the results of the CT scan, he delivers worrisome news. The symptoms are more severe than expected—there is an excessive amount of ascites, a weakened liver, vein edema, and fluid in the pleura. Roy Kim diagnoses Jeong-suk with end-stage liver disease, indicating the need for a liver transplant. Jeong-suk’s face turns red with shock upon hearing the sudden bad news.

Doctor Cha Episode 15 Kdrama Recap

300 Million Won

Meanwhile, In-ho’s mother discovers that she has fallen victim to a fraudulent scheme, resulting in substantial financial losses. To make matters worse, the invested funds turn out to be borrowed hot money.

In-ho is furious, and steam seems to emit from his ears. Learning that his mother has lost over 300 million won (approximately 230,000 USD) to scammers, along with the borrowed money, he realizes the gravity of the situation. In order to repay the debt, his mother is forced to sell the building that was registered under Jeong-suk’s name to evade taxes.

In-ho desperately pleads with Jeong-suk for assistance, but her response is firm: “No… Why should I help someone who deceived me?” Jeong-suk smirks triumphantly, as the building was rightfully in her name. She intends to exercise her rights to the fullest extent, without any consideration for In-ho’s circumstances.

Being in debt feels like having a knife held against one’s throat, and In-ho’s mother struggles desperately to find the money to repay her debts. Left with no other options, she turns to In-ho and requests a loan of 300 million won from Seung-hi.

What’s even more surprising is that In-ho actually goes to Seung-hi to borrow money. Despite the way he treated her, he still has the audacity to ask for financial assistance. Unbeknownst to In-ho, Jeong-suk had already informed the realtor that the building would be sold. She did so out of her concern for In-ho’s difficult situation, always prioritizing her family’s well-being, regardless of the circumstances.

Uhm Jung-hwa and Min Woo-hyuk in Doctor Cha Episode 15

Characteristic Grace

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Dr. Cha sheds tears when Roy Kim announces his intention to donate his liver. She is deeply moved by his kindness, especially considering her close brush with death. Despite spending twenty years together, someone like In-ho has never made such a selfless offer.

Kim Byung-chul

Meanwhile, In-ho receives news about Jeong-suk’s illness. This time, his emotions are in stark contrast to the past. Suddenly, a sense of awareness that had been absent for twenty years awakens within him. In-ho’s tears flow uncontrollably as he realizes it is time for him to take action and repay his kind-hearted wife.

Kim Byung-chul and Uhm Jung-hwa in Doctor Cha Episode 15

The following day, In-ho kneels in front of Jeong-suk in the patient’s room. His tears continue to stream down his face as he expresses his intention to donate his liver to her. He sincerely wants to do what is right. However, Jeong-suk responds with her characteristic grace: “It’s not your fault or anyone else’s fault that I find myself in this situation. It’s because I failed to take proper care of myself. It’s a destiny I must face.”

Seung-hi visits Jeong-suk to offer a heartfelt apology for their past conflicts. It appears that the animosity between them has completely dissipated.

Kim Byung-chul, Min Woo-hyuk and Uhm Jung-hwa in Doctor Cha Episode 15

At a large motorcycle shop, In-ho confronts Roy Kim. The two engage in a heated argument about who should have the right to donate their liver to Jeong-suk. Amidst this intense debate, Jeong-suk makes a dramatic entrance, dressed as a cool biker girl in black leather. Now, she must make the crucial decision of choosing whose liver she will accept.

Jeong-suk pretends to contemplate for a moment before pointing her finger at…

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