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Doctor Cha Episode 16 Recap: Immense Happiness

Doctor Cha Episode 16 Finale Recap: Immense Happiness

Previously on Doctor Cha: Jeong-suk’s health took a turn for the worse, forcing her to take some time off to focus on her recovery. In the midst of this crisis, both Roy Kim and In-ho expressed their desire to donate their liver to her. However, a heated argument erupted between them as they debated over who was more suitable as a donor. Now, the pivotal moment has arrived, and Jeong-suk finds herself faced with a difficult decision. With great determination, she pointed to…

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Doctor Cha Episode 16 Finale Recap: Jeong-suk’s worsening condition led her to accept In-ho’s offer, taking a brave step towards a new future.

Uhm Jung-hwa and Mun Woo-hyuk

Jeong-suk points her finger towards one of the parked choppers, selecting that motorcycle as her choice. With determination in her eyes, she decides to take matters into her own hands and announces that she will not accept anyone’s liver, be it Roy Kim’s or In-ho’s. A sense of liberation fills her as she takes a seat on the back of the motorcycle, joining Roy Kim as he revs the engine and embarks on a thrilling ride.

In the patient’s room, Jeong-suk remains under treatment, her condition still critical. Roy Kim’s worry for her intensifies, knowing that she is at risk of acute liver failure at any moment. He passionately urges her to accept his liver donation, emphasizing that waiting for a deceased donor might be too late. However, Jeong-suk stands firm in her decision to wait. Despite the urgency, she remains resolute in her belief that the right opportunity will come in due time.

Jeong-sook returns home and takes care of the household chores, ensuring everything is clean and tidy. Afterwards, she sits down to write heartfelt letters to her two children. Tears stream down her face as she pours her emotions into the handwritten words, realizing that this may be her final gift to them.

In the meantime, In-ho decides to present Jeong-suk with divorce papers as a gesture of remorse for his past actions. He hopes that she will accept his liver donation without hesitation, even if they go their separate ways. “Let’s proceed with the surgery. Even if we part ways, I still want to see you as the mother of our children,” he expresses.

Myung Se-bin and Kim Byung-chul

Seung-hi visits In-ho to bid farewell. Having already submitted her resignation letter to the hospital, she plans to take on her late father’s position as the hospital manager. She leaves open the possibility of meeting again, perhaps as Eun-seo’s father.

Kim Byung-chul and Uhm Jung-hwa

The day of the surgery arrives, and In-ho is a mixture of excitement and fear. However, unlike before, he doesn’t run away this time. On the other hand, Jeong-suk appears calm, possibly because this is her second liver operation.

Kim Byung-chul and Uhm Jung-hwa

The surgery is successful, and afterward, they proceed with the divorce proceedings in accordance with the legal process. They then sit down to share a meal together. Jeong-suk congratulates In-ho on his promotion to the youngest hospital director in history.

Before parting ways, In-ho expresses his gratitude and apologizes to Jeong-suk. “Thank you for everything you’ve done as a wife and a mother to our children. You’ve been flawless.” The two shake hands before walking their separate paths.

In-ho returns to his grand and luxurious office as the hospital director. As he sits down, he envisions Jeong-suk walking in with their children, congratulating him on his achievement. However, the reality is starkly different—his surroundings are empty, and he feels a profound emptiness and sheds tears.

Doctor Cha Episode 16 Finale Recap

Roy Kim meets Jeong-suk and musters the courage to confess his true feelings. “Can I spend the rest of my life by your side? I’ve always had feelings for you, Dr. Cha.” Jeong-suk smiles at Roy Kim’s love for her but declines his offer. She has chosen to live as herself from now on.

Jeong-suk embarks on a new chapter of her life, opening a salad shop on the first floor and a small clinic on the second floor, where she treats patients as a family physician. Doctor Cha Jeong-suk’s life is now filled with immense happiness.

Meanwhile, Jeong-suk learns that Roy Kim is dating someone else. She feels indifferent, understanding that it is how things should be.

In the end, Jeong-suk decides to live a solitary life, finding freedom and contentment in her independence. The joy of being free brings her a happiness she had never experienced before—a sense of fulfillment that fills the void of her teenage years.

The End

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