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The Good Bad Mother Episode 13 Recap: An Important Witness

The Good Bad Mother Episode 13 Recap: An Important Witness

Previously on The Good Bad Mother: Kang-ho’s traumatic encounter inside a burning pig farm triggered his memories to resurface. Sharing this revelation with his mother and Mi-joo, he urged them to maintain secrecy until his plan was accomplished. Meanwhile, Mi-joo and Sam-sik embarked on a search for Ha-yeong, only to discover that Oh Tae-soo had been confined in the hospital.

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The Good Bad Mother Episode 13 Recap: Mi-joo and Sam-sik are trying to find Ha-yeong, while Kang-ho’s plan continues amidst unpredictable risks.

Kang-ho embarks on a search for the owner of the fishing boat, who was previously the proprietor of a raw fish shop. His quest leads him to uncover a startling truth from the past.

In that fateful moment, Kang-ho had agreed with Oh Tae-soo to eliminate both the secretary and the baby. However, Kang-ho had devised a different plan. He arranged for the secretary to escape with the baby to the Philippines aboard a fishing boat he had hired. Unbeknownst to him, Oh Tae-soo dispatched his subordinates to tail them.

As they found themselves in the middle of the vast sea, facing a dire situation, the secretary made a heartbreaking decision. Clutching the baby tightly, she leapt into the unforgiving waters.

“The decision was hers,” the former raw fish shop owner recounts the events of that fateful day, leaving Kang-ho speechless.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 13 Recap: An Important Witness

Meanwhile, disguised as a doctor, Mi-joo pays a visit to Ha-yeong, who is confined to a locked sickroom under the watch of Oh Tae-soo’s dim-witted subordinates. Surprisingly, they allow Mi-joo easy access.

Mi-joo endeavors to expose the cruelty of Ha-yeong’s father, Oh Tae-soo, and shed light on his misdeeds. Her words strike a chord with Ha-yeong, prompting her to challenge her father’s principles.

Crafting a ruse about Ha-yeong needing immediate medical attention, Mi-joo manages to successfully orchestrate Ha-yeong’s escape with the help of Sam-sik. They whisk Ha-yeong away in the car driven by Kang-ho, taking her to a safe haven—an undisclosed hotel secretly operating as a casino for a foolish mafia group. Kang-ho assumes the role of a prosecutor from Seoul and requests a temporary stay at the establishment, a request that is granted by the mafia boss, albeit with some reservations.

Lee Do-hyun kisses Ahn Eun-jin

That night, before Kang-ho departs, he tenderly kisses Mi-joo on the forehead, prompting her to playfully protest, suggesting the kiss should have been on the lips instead. The two share a heartfelt and passionate kiss.

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At the aquarium, MP Oh Tae-soo puts on a facade, reading storybooks to children with a smile. The parents of the children applaud him and express their support for his presidential aspirations. Suddenly, Kang-ho appears, extending his hand for a handshake with Oh Tae-soo. Their hands touch, their eyes locked in a tense gaze.

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