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The Good Bad Mother Episode 14 Finale Recap: Checkmate

The Good Bad Mother Episode 14 Finale Recap: Checkmate

Previously on The Good Bad Mother: As Kang-ho’s memories resurfaced, he relentlessly pursued evidence against Oh Tae-soo. Meanwhile, Mi-joo, disguised as a doctor, successfully approached Ha-yeong, convincing her to betray her father and facilitating their escape.

With Ha-yeong now a crucial witness, Kang-ho arranged a meeting with Oh Tae-soo at a campaign event taking place at the aquarium.

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The Good Bad Mother Episode 14 Finale Recap: As Kang-ho enters the final stages of his plan to outmaneuver Oh Tae-soo and Woo-Byeok. Young-soon braces herself for an imminent departure, ready to face what lies ahead.

Kang-ho confronts Oh Tae-soo with an offer he can’t refuse. He seeks Oh Tae-soo’s cooperation as a witness against Woo-byeok to ensure his punishment for the murder of Kang-ho’s father 35 years ago and the attempted murder of Kang-ho and his mother.

In exchange for Oh Tae-soo’s agreement, Kang-ho promises to shoulder all of Oh Tae-soo’s guilt, assuring him, “If the Congressman refuses to testify in court, your daughter Ha-yeong will testify in his place.”

A close subordinate betrays Woo-byeok, pushing him into a fit of rage as he tries to kill the traitor. At that moment, Kang-ho appears, handcuffed, accusing Woo-byeok of assault and attempted murder. It is all part of Kang-ho’s meticulously crafted plan.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 14 Finale Recap


Kang-ho orchestrates a grand spectacle for the press, making headlines with Woo-byeok’s arrest.

The court proceedings commence, and solid evidence mounts against Woo-byeok, leaving him at a disadvantage in escaping the case. A loyal subordinate comes forward to testify against him, providing incriminating information. Additionally, MP Oh Tae-soo takes the stand to testify against Woo-byeok. However, an unexpected twist unfolds.

It is revealed that when the secretary jumped into the sea, she had secretly hidden her child on the boat. Using a pillow wrapped in diapers as a decoy, she deceived everyone. Now, the boy is brought into the courtroom as a witness.

Oh Tae-soo is taken aback by the sudden emergence of this significant evidence.

Ultimately, both Woo-byeok and Oh Tae-soo are found guilty, and Ha-yeong is also sentenced to prison. Justice prevails as the truth is finally revealed.

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In Jou-ri Village, a bittersweet birthday party is held for Young-soon, likely her last. Despite the sadness, the occasion is filled with happiness.

After the party, Young-soon presents Mi-joo with the ring given to her by her late husband. That night marks Young-soon’s final moments on this earth.

During Young-soon’s funeral, everyone tries to maintain a cheerful atmosphere as per her wishes. Kang-ho sings in front of his mother’s figure, but tears stream uncontrollably down his face.

The Good Bad Mother Finale
  • Sam-sik visits Ha-yeong in prison, seemingly having found someone he truly cares for.
  • Two of Woo-byeok’s loyal subordinates choose to become farmers in Jou-ri Village, finding joy and contentment in their new lives.
  • The headman’s wife unveils her true identity as the daughter of a yakuza and prepares to return to Japan. However, she experiences morning sickness and decides to remain in the village, embracing her new life. She approaches the village headman and shares a passionate kiss with him.
Ahn Eun-jin and Lee Do-hyun

As for Kang-ho, he resigns from his position as a prosecutor and embraces a life as a farmer, honoring his mother’s wishes. He and Mi-joo eventually marry and live happily ever after in the village of Jou-ri.

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