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King the Land Episode 2 Recap: Changing Perspectives

King the Land Episode 2 Recap: Changing Perspectives

Previously on “King of the Land”: Sa-rang landed her dream job at the prestigious King Hotel. Starting as an apprentice with an infectious smile, she quickly proved herself and was promoted to an exceptional employee.

Gu Won, on the other hand, was estranged from his older sister, who had excluded him from the family business. Seeking a fresh start, he decided to study in England. Seven years later, a mysterious letter arrived, beckoning him back to Korea. Determined, Gu Won returned and expressed his desire to take charge of the King Hotel to his father.

The next morning, an unexpected encounter took place. As Gu Won entered the bathroom, he found Sa-rang sitting on the toilet.

King the Land Episode 2 Recap: After an awkward interaction, Sa-rang and Won get off to a bad start — later embarking on a trip together.

Yoona and Lee Junho

Gu Won catches a glimpse of Sa-rang seated in the restroom, occupied with her personal matters. He decides to step outside and wait, allowing her privacy. Moments later, Sa-rang finishes, wearing an amused expression on her face. However, she forces herself to maintain her trained smile as she apologizes for using the restroom without permission.

Observing Sa-rang, Gu Won starts to recall their past encounter seven years ago when she had rudely labeled him as a psycho. After a brief moment of contemplation, Gu Won requests an apology for that incident as well. Sa-rang, however, refuses to comply, prompting Gu Won to insist that she never cross paths with him again.

Smiling with the poise she has mastered, Sa-rang responds, “Certainly, sir. That is also my desire as a customer.”

King the Land Episode 2 Recap Kdrama

Fake Smiles

As Gu Won is appointed the hotel director by his father, a respectful welcome ceremony is held in his honor. Standing at the podium, he looks down, feeling a sense of unease. Despite his internal struggle, all the staff present him with smiles. Overwhelmed, Gu Won battles a bout of dizziness, desperately trying to maintain control as he introduces himself.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Gu Won, Sa-rang, burdened with the task of presenting flowers to him, is unaware that the person she once referred to as a “psycho” would now hold the position of director. Frustrated with her circumstances.

After the reception, Gu Won personally calls Sa-rang to his office. He inquires about her previous use of the term “Psycho.” Sa-rang recounts the events of that day, only to realize that she had mistaken Gu Won for someone else entirely. Deeply apologetic, she bows and expresses her regret.

Just as Sa-rang prepares to leave the room, Gu Won commands her to stop smiling. He insists, “Don’t smile. If you force a smile, you’ll be dismissed. I despise those fake smiles.” Sa-rang obediently follows his orders, admitting that she is not yet ready to offer him a genuine smile and expressing gratitude for not having to feign one.

Meanwhile, Hwa-ran remains suspicious of Gu Won’s intentions to inherit the family business. In response, Gu Won confides in his sister, assuring her that he has no desire to become the successor. However, Hwa-ran’s trust in him still wavers.

King the Land Episode 2 Kdrama

Mother of the Nation

On this particular day, a renowned senior actress, fondly known as the “Mother of the Nation,” arrives at the hotel for her stay. However, she requests an upgrade from a deluxe room to a suite without paying any additional charges. Sa-rang, with a smile and carefully chosen words, politely declines the request. Nonetheless, the Mother of the Nation persists in her demands, venting her frustrations. Sa-rang can only respond with a rehearsed line, accompanied by a smile.

Gu Won witnesses the situation and intervenes. He instructs the security guard to escort the actress out of the hotel. Gu Won then summons Sa-rang to his office. Expressing his dissatisfaction with the lack of a system to handle difficult guests, he seeks an explanation. Sa-rang clarifies that regardless of the situation, it is essential to always treat guests with courtesy. She emphasizes her professionalism, separating her personal emotions from her work.

Gu Won is taken aback by Sa-rang’s exceptional attitude and professionalism.

Lim Yoona in King the Land Episode 2

Later that night, Sa-rang goes on a date with her boyfriend of over a year. The couple decides to enjoy the view of Seoul together, heading to a location that offers a scenic overlook. However, it becomes evident that her boyfriend is a somewhat anxious individual, as he abruptly calls for a taxi midway and then proceeds to lead Sa-rang up approximately three thousand eight hundred steps, claiming it is for exercise purposes.

Upon reaching the top, Sa-rang has the chance to appreciate the view for a brief moment. However, her boyfriend’s friend calls, inviting him to a drink party. He suggests they head back. Feeling frustrated, Sa-rang realizes she has reached her limit. It seems she will have to end the relationship with this inconsiderate partner.

Lee Junho and Lim Yoona in King the Land Episode 2

Changing Perspectives

Sa-rang and Gu Won embark on a trip to Jeju Island. As they arrive at the airport to film a program promoting the King Hotel, Gu Won finds himself momentarily taken aback when he catches sight of Sa-rang dressed in a flowing white gown, her hair cascading down.

During the shooting, Sa-rang, who takes on the role of MC, experiences a moment of astonishment. Upon witnessing Gu Won’s composed demeanor, she rises to her feet and gazes at him, her perspective shifting in that very instant.

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