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King the Land Episode 3 Recap - Yoona and Lee Junho

King the Land Episode 3 Recap: Feeling Called Love

Previously on “King of the Land”: Sa-rang and Goo Won encountered each other once more, this time as subordinate and master, following their initial meeting marred by misunderstanding. Sa-rang had mistakenly labeled him a “psycho,” but circumstances led them to be featured on a live television program together. Sa-rang was taken aback by Goo Won’s striking good looks.

King the Land Episode 3 Recap: After dealing with the situation live on TV, Sa-rang and Goo Won must now share their destiny on the island together…

A Critical Question

Just moments before the interview is set to begin, Hwa-ran instructs her subordinates to bring in a different script… The live interview commences, and Sa-rang directs a question to Goo Won about his mother. Instantly, the expression on the interviewer’s face changes. He turns to lock eyes with Sa-rang, rising from his seat with a dissatisfied look.

His mother remains a lingering knot in his heart, and he misses her every second.

Fortunately, Sa-rang swiftly manages to salvage the situation. She shares a personal story, and after a few minutes, Goo Won returns to the set with a calmer demeanor. He requests to see the script in Sa-rang’s hand, only to discard it shortly after. Thanks to Sa-rang’s skill and quick thinking, the interview concludes on a positive note.

The following day, a still photo shoot takes place featuring both of them. The photographer notices Goo Won’s lack of smiles, and frustration sets in. Numerous photographs are taken, but Goo Won remains solemn throughout. One of the photographer’s assistants suggests using Photoshop to add a smile to Goo Won’s face. Lol

Stranded on a Mysterious Island

The day’s work should have come to an end, but the director requests more photos to be taken. Sa-rang and Goo Won find themselves boarding a fishing boat that delivers ingredients to the hotel. However, in the middle of the sea, the boat suddenly breaks down. Now they are left stranded and must spend the night at a hotel on a remote island, where there is no cell phone signal.

King the Land Episode 3

The island carries an eerie ambiance, its darkness enveloping the surroundings. It feels like a place that could be haunted, with ghosts lurking in every corner. Sa-rang takes out her iPhone and turns on the flashlight to guide their way. After walking for some time, they spot three dim lights, causing Goo Won’s face to drain of color. Then, a faint figure appears before them—it’s the ghost of an old woman! Goo Won is startled and faints instantly. Oh dear, he claimed he wasn’t afraid of ghosts, but his reaction says otherwise, hahaha.

Sa-rang musters her strength and carries Goo Won to the hotel. As it turns out, the ghost that Goo Won saw is actually the grandmother of the innkeeper. That night, the two find solace in each other’s company, enjoying a moment of closeness. The next morning, they embark on a bicycle ride together.

When it’s time to settle the bill, Sa-rang begins to haggle persistently. “This is clearly overpriced,” she exclaims. The old lady initially charges them 675,000 won (approximately 500 USD) for accommodation, food, and bicycle rental. However, after Sa-rang’s relentless negotiation, the old lady reluctantly agrees to reduce it to 350,000 won.

During the boat ride back, Goo Won complains to Sa-rang about wasting their energy on bargaining. He suggests they should just pay and be done with it. Sa-rang explains that her grandmother taught her from a young age about the value of money and the importance of not being taken advantage of. Her words make Goo Won look at her with newfound admiration and understanding.

Love’s Confusion

Upon returning home, Goo Won faces his father’s scolding for his inappropriate behavior during the live broadcast. However, instead of responding meekly, Goo Won looks at his father with piercing eyes and utters a cryptic sentence, “I need to uncover the truth about my mother.” His father hears these words, his voice filled with vulnerability, and abruptly walks away. What secrets lie hidden concerning Goo Won’s mother?

Meanwhile, Sa-rang receives recognition for successfully resolving the situation during the live broadcast, which leads to her promotion to work in the hotel’s VVIP zone.

Since their return from the island, thoughts of Sa-rang have consumed Goo Won’s mind. He finds himself captivated by her smile and increasingly bewildered by his own emotions. Could it be love?

Lee Junho and Lim Yoona in King the Land episode 3

In the midst of grappling with his feelings, Goo Won decides to surprise Sa-rang one night by bringing her some macaroons. However, as he approaches, he witnesses a heart-wrenching scene—a warm embrace between Sa-rang and her boyfriend. Goo Won’s world is thrown into confusion.

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