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King the Land Episode 4 Recap - Lee Junho

King the Land Episode 4 Recap: Conflicting Emotions

Previously on “King of the Land”: Sa-rang and Goo Won participated in a hotel promotion program on Jeju Island. Following the filming, they decided to privately stay at a homestay on a small island, creating an opportunity for them to grow closer.

Upon their return from the Jeju Island trip, Goo Won developed feelings for Sa-rang. However, just as his feelings were becoming clearer, Goo Won witnessed Sa-rang embracing her boyfriend.

King the Land Episode 4 Recap: Goo Won’s sudden feelings for Sa-rang coincide with her new job, which brings them closer…

Unable to bear the distressing scene, Goo Won walks away. However, it turns out that the picture he saw was misleading, and the reality is quite the opposite. That night, Sa-rang makes the decision to end her relationship with her self-centered boyfriend.

The following day, Sa-rang feels excited about her new role assigned by the president (Goo Won’s father) to work in the VVIP guest rooms—a coveted position for every employee. However, her colleagues speculate that she is inexperienced and show reluctance to accept Sa-rang. Despite Sa-rang having graduated from a renowned university in Seoul in her fourth year, while her peers only completed two years. Sa-rang realizes that she needs to prove her skills in order to gain acceptance.

King the Land Episode 4 Recap

Meanwhile, Goo Won, a young man struck by the force of love, finds himself unable to stop thinking about Sa-rang. She occupies his mind completely. Unable to resist, he sends her a text message: “Let’s meet after work this evening.” Goo Won anxiously checks his phone every minute, but to his disappointment, Sa-rang does not reply. Oh, it must truly be his first experience with love—quite overwhelming, he chuckles.

After a day of no response, Goo Won approaches Sa-rang and invites her to dinner. He tries to mask his intentions by framing it as a business discussion, complete with official-sounding terms. However, his tone comes across as commanding rather than gentle, prompting an immediate refusal from Sa-rang. She also takes the opportunity to school him on proper etiquette for asking someone out to dinner, emphasizing the importance of being polite.

Determined not to let go, the stubborn Goo Won decides that he must have dinner with Sa-rang that evening. He seeks advice from his intelligent secretary and comes up with a plan to gather all the employees for dinner. While it may not provide a private setting, at least Sa-rang will be present at the table, he muses.

During the dinner, Goo Won notices that Sa-rang dislikes sashimi, so he orders a steak for her instead. Sa-rang feels embarrassed by the attention and becomes the subject of curiosity among the other employees.

Yoona and Lee Junho in King the Land Episode 4

After the meal, Sa-rang seizes a moment to scold Goo Won. She expresses her displeasure at being put in an uncomfortable situation and being negatively perceived by her colleagues. She urges him to pretend as if he hadn’t noticed anything. Their interaction takes on a somewhat cheesy tone, reminiscent of their first experience with love—both awkward and endearing, he chuckles.

Yoona and Lee Junho

Conflicting Emotions

On that very same night, Sa-rang’s boyfriend arrives with a bouquet of flowers, hoping for reconciliation. However, his efforts prove futile as Sa-rang firmly decides to end their relationship.

As her selfish boyfriend walks away, Sa-rang breaks down in tears. She stands in the rain, allowing the downpour to wash away her tears and mask her regrets. In the midst of her sorrow, Gu Won approaches, holding an umbrella, his expression stoic.

Sa-rang pays no attention to Gu Won’s umbrella or his emotionless face. It’s not the romantic encounter Gu Won had anticipated. Sa-rang casts him a displeased look before turning around to leave. However, fate has a different plan. Suddenly, Sa-rang stumbles, collapsing to the ground. Fortunately, Gu Won is quick to catch her, holding an umbrella in his right hand and supporting her with his left.

Sa-rang finds herself in Gu Won’s arms as they lock eyes. One wears a calm expression devoid of a smile, while the other’s eyes are reddened from tears. One has just experienced the beginning of a new love, while the other mourns the loss of a failed relationship.

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