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King the Land Episode 5 Recap - Yoona

King the Land Episode 5 Recap: A Never-before-seen Aspect

Previously on “King of the Land”: Goo Won recently returned from filming a hotel promotion program on Jeju Island and found himself developing feelings for Sa-rang. However, due to his lack of experience in flirting and approaching women, his attempts were rather clumsy, which left Sa-rang dissatisfied.

In a poignant moment, Sa-rang found herself crying in the rain when Goo Won, noticing her distress, approached her with an umbrella and opened it, creating a romantic atmosphere between them.

King the Land Episode 5 Recap: Goo Won signs an order that even he doesn’t seem to understand, potentially putting Sa-rang in a perilous situation…

Yoona and Lee Junho

In the midst of the rain, the romantic atmosphere grows intense. Raindrops fall relentlessly, striking the canvas of the umbrella held by Goo Won. The umbrella becomes a shield, protecting Sa-rang from the ceaseless downpour.

Observing Sa-rang’s face becoming wet with rain and seeing the sadness in her eyes, Goo Won, though not one for smiling, recognizes sorrow all too well. “Come back, I’ll take you home,” he says.

As they sit in the car, trapped by the pouring rain of the night, Sa-rang drifts off to sleep. Taking the initiative, Goo Won decides to take her to an elegant restaurant, a celebration for Sa-rang’s birthday. However, there, Sa-rang witnesses an aspect of Goo Won that she had never seen before—a certain indifference.

King the Land Episode 5 Recap: A Never-before-seen Aspect

Upon returning home, Sa-rang’s “ex-boyfriend” waits for her outside her house. The two engage in an argument, and despite her insistence that he leave, she carelessly walks away into the house. It’s the rotten love of a bad man. Witnessing the ex-boyfriend’s continued shouting, Goo Won steps forward, issuing a threat, “Don’t mess with Sa-rang again.”

That night, Goo Won calls Sa-rang and wishes her a happy birthday, the unspoken desire evident in his words. It’s at this moment that a special feeling begins to blossom between them. Sa-rang’s birthday, which had never felt significant, suddenly became meaningful because of him.

The following evening, Goo Won invites Sa-rang to dinner. She agrees, but on the condition that she be the one to take care of everything. Sa-rang takes him to a renowned restaurant that Goo Won has never been to before. It’s an entirely new experience for him—from waiting in line to sitting among a crowd of people, with the bustling ambiance filling the air. It’s a departure from the tranquil dining experiences he has been accustomed to.

The next day, Goo Won approves the VVIP Zone employees to participate in an annual event called Super Farmer Week. As the youngest member, Sa-rang is sent on a challenging mission to find “wild ginseng” on Mount Jiri.

Initially unaware of the details of Super Farmer Week, Goo Won learns of the hardships Sa-rang has to endure and can’t help but worry. Meanwhile, as Sa-rang ascends the mountain for over two hours, Goo Won calls her with concern. It’s precisely at that moment when Sa-rang accidentally stumbles upon wild ginseng, near the edge of a cliff.

King the Land Episode 5 Recap

With excitement, Sa-rang slowly reaches out and digs out the rare wild ginseng. Suddenly, she slips and falls off the cliff. Fortunately, she doesn’t plummet to the bottom of the abyss. Sa-rang’s unconscious body collides with a small protruding ledge.

Hours pass, and as dusk descends, Sa-rang regains consciousness in a state of shock. The sound of helicopter propellers fills the air, accompanied by the glow of lights. Goo Won’s figure emerges—the protagonist arriving by helicopter to offer assistance.

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