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Castaway Diva Episode 11 Recap: Park Eun-bin, Chae Jong-hyeop

Castaway Diva Episode 11 Recap: Admits to Lip-Synching

In the press conference, Ran-joo apologizes for lip-synching on the show “Comeback Star.” Ran-joo confesses that she had used Mok-ha’s voice in order to generate buzz for herself and reach 20 million album sales, which would have given her half of RJ Entertainment.

The press conference was tense, with many reporters demanding answers from Ran-joo. She apologized profusely for her actions, saying that she had made a mistake and that she was deeply sorry for the pain she had caused Mok-ha and her fans.

Despite Ran-joo’s confession, the public turned on Mok-ha. She is inundated with negative comments online.

Meanwhile, Ran-joo discovers that her mother had kept the sales figures for her album in Japan, which totaled 140,000 copies. This meant that she had already reached 20 million album sales.

The Bo-geol family are currently going through the legal process for the crime of impersonating the deceased. All four are testifying in front of the prosecutor, with Bong-wan also present. In the end, they are all acquitted due to insufficient evidence.

When Mok-ha learns that the Bo-geol family is acquitted, she rushes to his house in excitement. They embrace and kiss passionately.

While the Bo-geol family is celebrating, Bong-wan seems displeased with the prosecutor’s decision to acquit them. He picks up a kitchen knife and looks at the blade, as if contemplating something.

Meanwhile, Woo-hak and his foster father are walking home in the rain. Suddenly, as they pass someone, the foster father collapses with blood pouring from his neck.

Source: tvN Korea
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