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Castaway Diva Episode 12 Finale Recap: Coincidence or Fate?

Castaway Diva Episode 12 Finale Recap: Coincidence or Fate?

Castaway Diva Episode 12 Finale Recap: Coincidence or Fate?
Image via tvN Korea

Bong-wan sat down to write a letter to his children and his ex-wife, tears streaming down incessantly. Before deciding to play his final card by taking pills to end his deteriorating life, he poured out his final words.

“I offer you all one last gift, and that is its end,” Bo-geol reads the painful lines in the letter. As he finishes, he sighed deeply.

Image from screenshots of Castaway Diva Episode 12 Finale
Image via tvN Korea

Mother, Bong-wan, and Uh-hak held hands around the bedside of the ailing foster father, machines beeped their relentless rhythm, painting a stark contrast to the scene’s tenderness. All three hoped for a miracle.

Later, all three reclaimed their former identities. Woo-hak returns to journalism. Bo-geol resumes as the favorite TV show producer. Everything fell back into place.

Kim Hyo-jin as Ran-joo in Castaway Diva (2023)
Kim Hyo-jin as Ran-joo in Castaway Diva (2023) | Image via tvN Korea

Meanwhile, Ran-joo is meeting with a lawyer for advice about evidence of an album sold in Japan to file a lawsuit. Legal avenues seemed to stretch for more than a decade.

Upon learning this, Ran-joo took the documents to President Lee. After reviewing them, President Lee tells Ran-joo that her mother destroyed the documents. He also tells her that he will resign as CEO and give up his shares in the company if he cannot get Mok-ha to number one on the charts.

Castaway Diva episode 12 finale
Image via tvN Korea

Not a Coincidence

That night, Bo-geol confesses to Mok-ha that it wasn’t a coincidence that he found her on the deserted island. He tells her that he’d been spending his weekends cleaning up the island for over ten years, and that he’d been searching for her every step of the way.

Castaway Diva episode 12 finale
Image via tvN Korea

Meanwhile, Mo-rae and Mok-ha clash over the songs President Lee chose. Eventually, they both saw that the selected songs were suitable for them and agreed to exchange them.

Mo-rae swallows her pride. She offers Ran-joo a producer contract with a hefty royalty fee. Ran-joo’s initial refusal, replaced by a surprised grin, she accepted immediately.

After their songs were released, Mo-rae’s song blasted off like a rocket, straight to number one. Mok-ha’s? More like a chill turtle on a mission.

Park Eun-bin and Kim Hyo-jin in Castaway Diva Episode 12 finale
Image via tvN Korea

After the debut, Mog-ha’s song quickly topped the charts, just as President Lee said it would. At this point, Ran-joo accepted President Lee’s abilities and allowed him to manage RJ Entertainment. She knew that everyone had different abilities.

Castaway DIva episode 12 Finale
Image via tvN Korea

Mog Ha became a renowned singer, fulfilling her dream.

And the story ended happily.

Summary of Castaway Diva’s Ending

  • Bong-wan chose to harm his own family by killing Bo-geol’s foster father and then ending his own life. But it turned out that Bo-geul’s foster father survived.
  • The Bo-geol family escaped prison for impersonation due to insufficient evidence, as the prosecutor decided not to press charges. Afterward, everyone reclaimed their names and identities. Bo-geol and Woo-hak returned to their usual work.
  • Ran-joo learned that RJ Entertainment’s growth was thanks to President Lee’s management, someone with the vision of a music CEO. Each person had different abilities. Personally, she utilized her musical talent by becoming a producer.
  • Bo-geo told Mok-ha that meeting her on the deserted island wasn’t a coincidence. He intentionally volunteered to clean various deserted islands for over ten years just to find her.
  • Mok-ha became the singer she dreamed of being. She never gave up, even though fate kept her dream stranded on an island for a staggering 15 years.

Images: tvN Korea
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